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New Workouts for the New Year

New Workouts for the New Year

Starting to accomplish those 2010 goals means putting them into motion as soon as possible. The past week I began showing you 50 unique upper body exercises, such drills besides being amazingly effective make training fun again.
Being motivated and consistent often means having new challenges, this new year of 2010 has already started off with a bang with new training tools to compliment our Ultimate Sandbag to bring you dynamic training routines.

Josh Henkin’s Sandbag Training http://tinyurl.com/5f38jw

The TRX http://budurl.com/theTRX

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One comment on “New Workouts for the New Year

Whoa, dude! Those weighted box jumps are SICK!!! I’m totally impressed. Loved the one-leg burpees, too. My heart rate is up just watching that video! Thanks for sharing!


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