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“Odd and Even” Bootcamp Workout

Odd and Even Bootcamp Workout Game

by scott york

Here’s another great fitness bootcamp workout idea for you.  This can be done after the warm up or after the main workout. 

It’s called “Odd and Even”.

You’ll need:

  • A clock or stop watch
  • One medicine ball for each 2 people

Have everyone partner up.  On the instructors “GO!” everyone does:

16 Squat Jumps (this should take about 20-30 seconds)

16 Med Ball Sit up Toss With Partner (have the medicine ball close so all they have to do is fall to the ground and begin the sit up toss.  If they don’t finish by the end of the minute, just have them go to the odd minute activity.)

On the odd minutes do:

Calf Tag With Partner

On even minutes do:

14 Squat Jumps

14 Med Ball Sit ups With Partner

Keep alternating between Calf Tag on the odd minutes – play aggressively for 1 full minute and Squat Jumps and Med Ball Sit up Toss With Partner on the even minutes. Reduce the reps by 2 as you go along.

After the above has been completed, do 100 Med Ball Slams with partner sharing the reps until finished.



From Georgette: Calf tag is a fitness game in which two people face off in a tight circle.  Each person tries to “tag” the other person’s calf while constantly moving around in a tight circle.  Warning!  Don’t bump heads.  You earn one point for each calf tag.  Speaking of fitness games, Scott has recently updated the multimedia eBook, Bootcamp Fitness Games>http://georgettepann.com/fitgames

It comes with 76 games and workouts and has lots of bonuses.  If you haven’t bought it yet, what are you waiting for?  The price is only going to go up!



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