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Out Of The Gym And Into The Jungle

Out Of The Gym And Into The Jungle

Adam Steer 

Here in Quebec the Winters are long and cold.  So when the air turns warm and the sunshine gains in strength, I’m loath to be indoors for my training.  Right now my favorite place to train is in a park or any other outdoor space that happens to be available.

And whether I’m giving a bootcamp style class, or I’ve just stopped off at the park for my own training before heading to the gym for a day of clients, my weapon of choice is almost always bodyweight exercise.  There’s this misconception that you have to lug a bunch of gear around if you want to train outside.  But I’ve met very few people who have true mastery over their own body in space, so there’s tons to be done with bodyweight training only!

There’s also this notion that bodyweight exercise is somehow boring – that it lacks variation.  I really can’t figure out how this one evolved.  I can only think of so many ways to vary a bench press, but the variety you can tap into through moving your own body in space is almost limitless, especially using the principles of Circular Strength Training bodyweight exercise.  One of our most powerful tools for exercise creation is a concept called the 6 Degrees of Freedom.It allows us to move beyond tri-planar movement in order to take the body through every conceivable combination of human movement potential.

 And the last myth that must be busted is that you can’t get enough challenge from bodyweight exercise.  When I show up for a bootcamp class without any equipment in tow, that’s when my clients feel the most apprehension.  Why?  They know it is going to be tough!

 Here’s a little sample for you.  Next time you drive by your favorite park, stop for a quick and efficient workout that takes your body through its paces and all it’s 6 Degrees of Freedom.

 Jungle Love Workout http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQiG5UPk5PU Theme music

 Perform the following without rest to complete 1 Round:
Hops(Just the hops, not the full flow)

 10  Prisoner Jump Squats

5  Leg Swoops per side


Rest 45 seconds between Rounds and perform anywhere from three to six Rounds depending on your training experience.

This little workout is just a moment in time.  It’s one workout with only one level of sophistication / difficulty per exercise.  The  Bodyweight Exercise Revolution has five complete programs for various goals.  Each program has 28 days worth of workouts and each exercise has several levels of sophistication to choose from.  With all that to choose from, you won’t need to see the inside of a gym all summer!

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