Podcast:Todd Kuslikis Part 2 And Body Weight Bundle 2.0

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Podcast:Todd Kuslikis Part 2 And Body Weight Bundle 2.0


In this episode we interview Todd Kuslikis of A Shot Of Adrenaline and discuss the power and application of body weight training and angular training. Todd had a martial arts background and even taught Tai Chi. We also talk about the overall movement and phenomenon of body weight training in the market place, including calisthenics competitions. Todd just launched Bodyweight Physique Academy and Body Weight Bundle 2.0



Jesse Stoddard, fitness boot camp business coach, personal trainer, and author featured in CNN Money, along with the well-known and highly regarded fitness expert Georgette Pann, owner of NutriFitness Bootcamps, the founder of Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Club, and creator of the famous Sure Victory Boot Camp Business in a Box program, host this discussion about the personal training career and fitness business. Along with exclusive interviews with fitness experts and trainers who run successful fitness boot camp companies, they discover why some personal trainers fail and others succeed


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