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Profit From Fitness Boot Camps

Profit From Fitness Boot Camps

Review by Jim o’Conner

Jim O'Connor Fitness TrainerPersonal trainers are quickly discovering the massive profit power of fitness boot camps by easily generating ten times the income they used to make in a one single hour. Yes, fitness trainers are getting rich!

Imagine giving yourself a 1000% raise, and not working one single second harder, or longer.  Smart personal fitness trainers are rapidly discovering the wisdom of how to leverage themselves, and  build wealth by offering fitness camps.

I caught onto bootcamp workouts one day about four years ago while driving to a fitness training clients house in Brentwood, California. As I drove on Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, I saw a group of about twenty people participating in an exercise camp. The light bulb came on after I realized this personal trainer leading the class is making 10 times what I will be making in the next hour. It was one of those “ah ha” moments.

After discovering the amazing profit potential of fitness boot camps, and watching boot camp exercise coaches driving around in big expensive Mercedes, I decided to explore the possibility of doing a fitness camp myself.

Since I was inefficiently working with training clients one on one, I realized I was really leaving a lot of fitness training money on the table each, and everyday.

The only challenge I had was how in the world do I put one of these exercise camps together. I needed a blueprint on running fitness boot camps.  At that time, there were none available. Nothing on the topic. So I would watch an exercise boot camp whenever I could to get a few pointers. You know, copy some of their ideas.

To make a long story short, a partner and I conducted a successful boot camp for women. However, it took almost one and half years to perfect it. Talk about failing our way to success.

Yesterday, I was doing some fitness research online, and finally discovered a much needed how to fitness bootcamp guide.  At first, I was angry that I didn’t have access to this four years ago. It would have saved us many fitness camp headaches, heartaches, and growing pains!


Fitness Bootcamps GuideAfter looking at the material inside Sure Victory: How To Design Bootcamp Workouts That Blast Fat And Build Power, I was overwhelmingly surprised at how simple, yet powerful the information presented inside the manual really is. A step by step blueprint on how to design highly profitable fitness boot camps was outlined in detail. Just follow the proven plan by plugging in the exercises, reps, and rest intervals. It is that simple! Everything including exercise pictures are spoon fed to you. Just what the doctor ordered for success!

You quickly, and easily discover exactly what it takes to setup an extremely profitable fitness boot camp without having to figure it out for yourself.  Follow the steps, create a fitness camp, and get paid from 10-20 people in an hour versus just one person.

In my review of Sure Victory: How To Design Bootcamp Workouts That Blast Fat, And Build Power, I was highly impressed with the expertise, experience, and knowledge of author Georgette Pann. She  is definitely the wizard of fitness boot camps.

I really like her confidence in the powerful information presented by offering a 100% 56 day money back guarantee. This shows me she really knows what she is talking about, and is ultra confident you will quickly profit.

Take me to the bootcamp manual

Don’t forget to check out her boot camp exercise bonuses! In my opinion, the bonuses are killer, and have even greater value than the reasonable asking price of her how to guide. fitness camp kit

After careful review of Sure Victory, and getting to know Georgette Pann, I give her amazing exercise camp business guide for personal trainers a big thumbs up!

If you run a personal training business, and quickly want to make more money, then offering fitness boot camps is a must. Sure Victory: How To Design Bootcamp Workouts That Blast Fat, and Builds Power is absolutely a necessity for ultimate success.


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