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Review of Workout Muse Pro

Hot off the heels of the successful release of Rapid Fat Loss Cardio for fitness enthusiasts, the creators of Workout Muse have launched their second product geared to fitness professionals called Workout Muse Pro BJ Gaddour, CSCS, Co-Creator and Fitness Director for Workout Muse, claims Workout Muse Pro will open up the doors for unlimited moneymaking potential for fitness professionals. The way Gaddour says Workout Muse Pro will do this is to once and for all eliminate the annoying hindrances that fitness trainers face when trying to train groups with time-based interval training protocols.

According to Gaddour, he left the world of one-on-one training and entered group training to help more people while increasing his earning potential. As a fat loss expert, he knew that they best way to train his clients was through interval training. However, once he began, he realized that training groups came with a new set of challenges. He often had a difficult time giving individual attention to his clients because he had to pay attention to his watch in order to keep track of the intervals. When he did get caught up with a client, he would lose track of time and either overwork his clients or allow for too much rest. Sessions would sometimes run a little longer than they should and as a result the flow of the workouts would be negatively affected. As his classes became more popular, the challenge only became greater. He had always thought to himself that his sessions would run much more smoothly if he could just pop in a CD with music that was pre-timed to the prescribed intervals that he wanted his clients to train to. Not to mention, he wanted this for his own personal workout as well. He finally decided to stop thinking about it and found Workout Muse Co-Creator and Head Sound Designer, Topher Farrell, to get the job done.

[b]Workout Muse Pro is a compilation of custom audio interval training mp3 soundtracks made specifically to automate large group workouts for fitness boot camp instructors. It consists of Gaddour’s “Rapid Fat Loss Boot Camp System” E-Book and the corresponding “Top Six Rapid Fat Loss Boot Camp Workouts” to provide the ultimate turnkey digital training system for group exercise classes. [/b]The ability to plug in different movements in each workout provides unlimited variety for an instructor. This is no cookie-cutter program as boot camp instructors can also maintain their training personality by utilizing their exercises and training tools of choice. Most importantly, the soundtracks free the instructor to focus on coaching and supervising their clients rather than serving as a useless human stopwatch. This will allow the trainer to train an unlimited amount of people per session and skyrocket their earning potential!

As for the meat and potatoes of Workout Muse Pro, the music, six complete custom workout soundtracks are provided. The soundtracks range from the classic fat-burning 20/10 Tabatas to the monster 50/10 five-exercise circuit. The tracks include brief instructions in the beginning, countdowns and updates for each interval, and heart pumping music to take your clients’ workouts to the next level. Topher Farrell harnesses the power of sound and music to literally drive your boot camp workouts to reach a level of intensity only attainable with the tempo provided in the music.

The cost of the entire Rapid Fat Loss Boot Camp System is $99.99, although Gaddour points out that if you follow the boot camp system, you’ll be able to recoup your initial financial investment and more after only one training session. Imagine, being able to hold classes as large as you want, without having to cap how much you make on the hour! I have to admit, this product really does make a group workout seamless from beginning to end. It adds a unique and professional touch from a sound design perspective and also a training perspective. After all, how many trainers come to a workout with customized soundtracks for their clients? In fact, I can’t think of why any trainer who uses intervals wouldn’t at least give this product a try. Not only do I use it to raving reviews from my boot camps clients, but I “crank it” to these soundtracks for my own personal workouts. I definitely suggest you do jump on the Workout Muse Pro bandwagon, as this is the wave of future when it comes to interval training for boot camp workouts!


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