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Nothing can get me going like seeing poorly designed and implemented training programs. It doesn’t take much to just perform exercises. Heck, every day people go to the gym and just do exercises, even some of their general workouts are better designed than some of the ones I see posted every day on the internet.

If I had one mission it would be to give people purpose to their training. Why are you doing those drills, why do you have the workout organized this way? I know silly questions, but even some of the most well respected coaches and programs just throw together workouts because, “it is difficult”.

Having a plan doesn’t take away from having challenging workouts, in fact, I believe it makes them more difficult because you place intention together with effort and you get a whole new training experience! Let’s examine today’s training program.

Reverse Lunge to Sprinter’s Push: Getting the hips to work right is job number one for the any good warm-up routine. Why? Your hips influence not just how your lower body training goes, but upper body training as well. To get rid of annoying low back pain or to get the shoulders to move right, opening those hips are important! The reverse lunge gives a great dynamic stretch to the hip flexors and the drive upwards gives an important wake-up call to the glutes with forces coming in different directions to get the glutes to fire better than almost any other drill!

Around the Worlds: If you have been following me for awhile you will  know this is one of my favorite drills. It just does so much! From working on thoracic mobility to working the hips in unique ways this drill teaches the body important movement information that is simply missed by most exercises.

TRX Squat to V-Flye and Reverse: The TRX suspension trainer is a great compliment to just about any form of training, but our Ultimate Sandbag program especially. This awesome drill gets many of the muscles you can’t see working right so when you go hit the main part of the program your body is ready to handle some good loads and feel stable.

Power Snatch to Overhead Step-up: I could write a whole article about the simple beauty of step-ups, but lets sum it up as an amazing single leg movement that works all the important thigh and hip muscles that are responsible for power development as well as injury prevention. The power snatch gets a touch of power into the movement and holding the Ultimate Sandbag overhead makes it virtually impossible to cheat on the step-up.

Suspended Ultimate Sandbag Rows: Not only is this a tremendous strength-endurance exercise for the upper body, but requires the entire body to work during the movement. The hips, low back, and entire core work to stabilize during the different points of leverage of the exercise.

Shoulder Squat Clean: Besides may your lungs beg for mercy, this drill takes a great deal of athleticism as the lifter needs to not only produce enough power to lift the sandbag, but “jump” underneath to absorb the unstable Ultimate Sandbag coming down. You will feel no muscle is left untrained after this one!

Straight Leg Overhead Sit-up: A simply beautiful drill to teach the body how not to cheat and use the wrong muscles. The lifter can see quickly if the hip flexors are too dominant as the legs will come flying off the ground or the lifter simply won’t be able to sit-up. You can leverage the Ultimate Sandbag to actually help and progress slowly in the lift.

Josh HenkinStrength Coach, Josh Henkin, is the creator of the Ultimate Sandbag and L.I.F.T. training certification. He has lectured at national and international conferences.

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