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Set Yourself Apart With Stubborn Fat Busting Workouts For Women

Set Yourself Apart With Stubborn Fat Busting Workouts For Women

by Sue Heintze, creator of The Beta Switch


Not all fat is created equal.


Understanding this is important.


Because it’s something that lot of trainers are not aware of. More importantly, it’s not something your clients and potential clients are aware of either.


So when you are “in the know” about the different kinds of body fat your clients struggle with you can educate them and design boot camp workouts tailored to specifically target the kind of fat they want to get rid of.


And this will position you as an expert in your field and give you a unique advantage when promoting your services and trying to grow your business.


The Two Different Types Of Fat Your Client’s Struggle With


1 — Regular Fat. Otherwise known as visceral fat. This is the stuff you store around your organs for a little bit of cushion. Visceral fat is the deeper stuff that the drape of your clothes or the flaunting of a little bit of skin fail to reveal.


The danger of this stuff is that as you store more and more of it, it fills in the gaps between vital organs. Putting extra pressure on them, increasing their stress and making it harder for them to do their job.


A recent World Heart Federation survey concluded that most Americans are unaware that visceral fat is a leading risk factor for heart disease.


2 —Stubborn Fat. Otherwise known as subcutaneous fat. This is the stuff that sits just beneath your skin’s surface.


It responds to temperature and can help keep you warm. But there isn’t much hiding it. Especially as it builds up.  This is where the dreaded cellulite resides. And where things can get downright unsightly.


With cellulite tissue, fatty acids are contained in a web of fibrous connective tissue.


As fat loss occurs the web becomes compressed. And this makes it difficult for the blood supply to reach and remove the fat from these areas.  Which is why it’s commonly known as stubborn fat or trouble spots.


Men And Women Store Fat Differently


Gender plays a role in how your clients store their fat.


How much of it gets stored as regular fat … how much as stubborn fat … even which body parts it gets preferentially stored in.


Here’s the breakdown …


Women store more stubborn fat than men. This is believed to be due to the fact that women can bear children and men can not. Extra fat stores mean extra calories and nourishment for the child when food and nutrition is scarce.


Men typically store their stubborn fat around the abdomen and lower back. While women generally store theirs around the buttocks, thighs and backs of their arms.


And this shows up in general body shape differences between men and women — obese men tending to be more apple shaped; obese women being more pear-shaped.


What’s more is that cellulite affects women more than men because of the differences in structure of the layers of skin and fat.  Along with the female hormone estrogen which tends to increase fluid build-up, and a tendency for thinner skin, the stubborn fat shows through more easily in women.


How To Banish Female Stubborn Fat


As you lose weight, your fat loss tends to occur from the inside out. Meaning, regular fat will release first to free up the function of your vital organs. Once that stress is relieved you’ll start to chip away at stubborn fat loss.


Yet this is a huge reason why stubborn fat is just so darn hard to get rid of.


I discovered that the key to banishing stubborn fat lies in the ability to mobilize that fat out of the cells and into the bloodstream.


However, stubborn fat is not mobilized out of the cells as easily as fat is mobilized from other areas of the body, due to the ratio of good to bad adrenoreceptors.


You see, your fat loss and weight gain are controlled at a cellular level by something called adrenoreceptors.


These are like SWITCHES that react with a hormone called adrenaline that is released naturally by your body during times of stress.


It essentially boils down to this–


Body fat contains two types of adrenoreceptors – beta and alpha.


Beta receptors promote fat metabolism and alpha receptors block fat metabolism. So, in the game of fat loss, beta receptors are good and alpha receptors are bad.


Turn on your Beta receptor “switch” and you trigger fat burning


Turn on your Alpha receptor “switch” and you store and trap fat in your fat cells…


So how do you do just that during your boot camps?


Cellulite Specific Fat Burning Workouts


Exercise can help to accelerate subcutaneous fat loss by promoting better blood flow to the cellulite web. Thus allowing free fatty acids released by diet to be shipped out and burned off at a faster rate.

Most people looking to join a boot camp or fitness group like have ‘regular’ fat to lose first. And diet without exercise can can get rid of that fat a respectable rate.  However, most folks are looking for rapid results. And, unfortunate or not, are judging the quality of your services by how quickly you can release the fat they can see — their stubborn fat.


So the right exercise program — one that keeps your client’s Beta Switches turned ON by having the right effect on your hormones — will get them the most rapid stubborn fat loss results possible.


And they’ll be elated to know that it doesn’t involve crazy diet or extreme exercise routines.


So how do you do it?


If you’re currently running a boot camp, then odds are you’ve already got your clients performing high intensity interval training.


That’s a great way to liberate fatty acids from their stores.


So I’m going to suggest a few ways you can infuse one simple workout technique into your sessions to help make sure those free fatty acids get burned up and DON’T get re-stored as stubborn fat once again.


Here’s what I want you to do …


Infuse a steady state cardio interval to your high impact bootcamps.


By nature, boot camps are pretty intense. They burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time.


And they liberate a lot of fatty acids in the process.  So you want to capitalize on the opportunity to burn those suckers up while they’re loose and out of hiding.


Here’s two ways:


1 — Most boot camps typically end with some form of stretching or cool down. HOWEVER … before you do that add in 5 minutes of steady state cardio to eat up all of those free fatty acids floating around in the blood stream. Otherwise you run the risk of having a bunch of them get sucked back into greedy little fat stores as your client’s activity comes to a halt.


2 — Many boot camps cycle through different interval sets over the course of a session. Insert your 5 minute steady state cardio intervals in between higher intensity sets. Essentially creating a wave of HIIT with steady state.


Go at a very casual pace with your steady state intervals. This is super important.


A few examples of steady state intervals you could use would be:


  • Hill walking
  • A complex of different types of jumping jacks
  • A jogging complex of forward, backward and side jogs/shuffles
  • A bodyweight flow complex of easy stretches that keeps them moving from standing to kneeling, to quadruped, to supine to prone and back up again.


Setting Yourself Apart


When everyone is talking about weight loss and fat loss in generic terms, you can get specific and offer something in your area that is unique.


Such as cellulite and stubborn fat banishing boot camp specialty workouts that produce results.


It gives you new talking points. New marketing angles. And it sets you above the rest!


Sue Heintze

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