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Setting up Doctor Referral Programs

 These Doctor’s Will Send You Referrals?

guest post by Matt Wiencek

I got burnt out in personal training approximately 6 years ago because I was working from 5am to 9pm 5 days per week for years.  I loved fitness but I decided it was time that I move on from personal training, get a 9-5 job, get a salary, paid holidays, benefits, etc.  That is when I started working with sales and marketing coaches to help me get an awesome sales job outside the fitness industry.  Long story short, I got a great job in medical sales selling diagnostic services to doctors throughout the Tampa Bay area. 

Within a year I had worked my way up to become the top sales rep in the company and also the highest paid.  I eventually lost my job when the economy crashed because I was the highest paid rep in the company and the company could no longer afford me.  This is when I got back into fitness.  At that point I knew exactly what I wanted to do and that is this…what I am doing now and I LOVE it!    

The reason why I am telling you this is because I am the only fitness marketing coach in the industry that truly knows how to get a doctor to send you patients.  I know this because I was in doctor’s offices roughly 20 time per day every day for 18 months. 

I know the real secrets of how to get in to speak to the doctor directly and discuss an arrangement where he/she would refer his patients to you for your services. 

Just FYI, it takes a hell of a lot more than sending over a few faxes, dropping off some brochures or making a phone call hoping to speak to the doctor.  Doctors and doctor’s offices are bombarded with salesmen every single day trying to sell whatever goods/services they are selling…and these salesmen are trained to sell specifically for that industry.  Those salesmen are specifically trained to sell to doctors.

Here’s the problem for trainers though; most trainers have no clue how to set up a doctor’s referral program because they have never learned.  I was a medical sales representative for a year and a half and a trainer for 10 years.  I know the system to make this work and I want to share it with you.  There is an entire step by step guide in the Primetime Trainer Kit dedicated to establishing a doctor’s referral program if you would like to learn more.  

How do you get into the office?

What do you say to the receptionist and front desk staff?

How do you get past the receptionist to see the doctor?

If you make it to the doctor, what do you say to him/her?

It’s not as easy as some “experts” may lead you to believe.  They have never learned, they have never been trained how to “work a doctor’s office” and they have never been through the process like I have.  However, it is easy when you follow the step by step protocol within the Primetime Trainer Kit. 

First you need to know what types of doctors you can have a better working relationship than others. 

Here is a list of doctors that are likely to send you referrals…

Chiropractors – Chiropractors are the easiest to talk to and do business with because they are not MD’s (medical doctors) and they don’t get bombarded with salesmen all of the time.  Many chiropractors are former or current athletes and they understand the importance of personal trainers and how your services can benefit their patients.

Primary Care/Family Medicine – Primary Care and Family Medicine or essentially the same thing and they take on all patients so they have plenty of opportunities to send you their patients.  However, these doctors are very busy and sometimes hard to get time with.  If you land one as a referral partner, you will get a lot of business.

Orthopedic – Orthopedic doctors can be hard to get in contact with but if you do land a referral agreement with them, they are the best!  They see a lot of patients that have been injured playing sports or other physical activities so that means their patients are more inclined to exercise and work with a personal trainer.  Many orthos are former athletes so they like talking to personal trainers and understand the importance of fitness.

Pediatric – Pediatricians deal with babies and children.  Obesity in children is a hot topic in today’s society so you may want to consider presenting an action plan to a pediatrician for some type of children’s fitness programs.  One on one or group training would be ideal for this group and parents are likely to support this as well. 

There are several other types of doctors that can and will send you business if you put forth the effort to set up the Doctor Referral Program.  It’s a potential gold mine when you land a couple of doctors as referral partners. 

To get the step by step protocol for a doctor’s referral program, business alliance program and more you need to check out the Primetime Trainer Kit.  It is the most accurate, proven and trusted system in the industry to help personal trainers achieve massive levels of success by working smarter rather than working harder.

In the Primetime Trainer Kit you will get Done for You sales and marketing materials :

  • Successful Marketing & Sales Techniques for Trainers
  • Establishing the Ideal Doctor Referral Program
  • The Business Alliance & Referral Program
  • The Seven Steps of the Sales Process
  • The Seven Easy Steps to Positive Client Relationships
  • Methods Involved with Selling to Every Personality Type
  • Overcoming the Five Major Sales Obstacles
  • Ready-to-use Promotional Flyers & Materials
  • Ready-to-use Client Newsletters
  • Every form, chart and graph that you need for your business
  • And Much More!

Right now, you can get 100.00 bucks off the  Primetime Trainer Kit HERE only  


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