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Seven Exercises To Add To Your Fitness Bootcamp Workouts Which Do Not Require Fancy Gear

You do not need to spend lots of cash on gear in order to provide your boot camp trainees a amazing work out. Certainly, it is possible to do lots of bodyweight exercises or some other no-equipment exercises. But to provide assortment to your fitness bootcamps – which keeps trainees interested and looking forward to staying a member — it is possible to in some instances bring exercise gear to your class.

Even so, that does not imply you need to max out your credit card to get gear. Just scour your own garage and scope out your workout spot (such as a playground) – you will likely discover all of the gear you need.

Here then is a seven-exercise circuit using minimal or low-cost equipment…

Word of advice: Be sure to begin and finish each session with five minutes of light exercise, so that your trainees correctly warm-up as well as cool-down.

Exercise 1: Pull-ups. You don’t need to be in a fitness center to have your trainees do pull-ups. Get innovative. If you’re doing exercises inside a park, look for a tree with a low, durable branch. Or if you’re exercising close to a play ground, there’s probably plenty of equipment there that may double for a chin up bar.

Exercise 2: Jump rope. To make this circuit station more interesting, you might have your trainees race against the clock. For instance, challenge them to obtain a specific quantity of jumps completed before the interval is up.

Exercise 3: Weighted squats. Rather than doing bodyweight squats, you can make the exercise a lot more intensive by adding weights. Usually the trainee would have a barbell resting on his / her shoulders or he’d have a set of dumb bells in his hands. If you don’t have these handy, then it is possible to improvise by using rocks, jugs full of sand or water, small pails full of cement or even other weighty items.

Exercise 4: Farmer’s carry. In this exercise, the trainee develops his grip strength by carrying something heavy for as long as possible. It is called a “farmer’s carry” simply because people often use big pails full of water, sand or rocks. But it is possible to use most any kind of weight (including things like rocks).

Exercise 5: Box jumps. For this exercise you will require a durable platform that trainees can jump off and on over and over again throughout the interval. (Note: Have trainees lace their fingers behind their heads while jumping.)

If you are close to a park with a baseball field, look at places such as the dugout as well as the stadium seating area to determine if there are steps or chairs (bolted down) that can be used for this objective.

Exercise 6: Elevated push ups. Here your trainees will carry out pushups. The only difference is that their feet will be elevated to make it a lot more challenging. You can raise their feet utilizing a box, a stepping stool, a step or even something unconventional like a fallen tree or a boulder.

Exercise 7: Power medicine ball drop. For this exercise you’ll need a medicine ball or a comparable piece of equipment, and your trainees will require a partner.

One person lies on the floor, face up, arms extended towards the sky/ceiling. The other person holds the ball and stands on a box or other elevated platform at his / her partner’s head. The person with the ball drops it. The person on the ground catches it, brings it to his / her chest and then launches it back to the standing person with as much power as possible.

Rinse and repeat. If you do not have assistants to act as partners for your trainees, then your trainees will require to partner up with one another for the circuit and switch positions midway via the allotted time.

In summary: You don’t require a large equipment budget to whip your trainees into top shape! For even more great starting fitness bootcamps, go to http://fitnessbootcampworkout.com/ — by clicking here at Bootcamp Workouts. You will not be disappointed!

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