Shoulder Press Bootcamp Team Challenge

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Shoulder Press Bootcamp Team Challenge


EQUIPMENT: 3 markers. 100 coins or any other small point markers.
TIME: 10 minutes
AIM: To collect points by performing sets of shoulder presses with a partner
METHOD: Split the group into 2 teams. Split each team into pairs. Place out a running marker and the pot of coins 20 metres to the team’s front. Each pair in the team must perform the following drill repeatedly: Player 1 performs 20 shoulder presses with the help of player 2. Once finished, player 1 performs nonstop press ups whilst player 2 runs out to the marker and collects a point.


Once player 2 is back they must perform the same routine, but swap around.


Players keep switching and collecting coins until the instructor calls time out.


Team captains must add up all the points at the end. The team with the most points at the end of the challenge wins.


TIPS/VARIATIONS: For odd teams, the odd player out alternated between 20 shoulder presses assisted by the instructor, and 20 pressups. The player must sprint between each set to collect a point. 
NOTES: Various partner exercises can work using this drill.



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