Speed training with Resistance Bands

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Speed trainng with Resistance Bands
Dave Schmitz


I had the pleasure this summer to work with over 180 athltetes of all ages and genders.    Of course we trained a ton with RBT and as the athletes return back to their respected teams this fall they are absolutely crushing their team workouts not to mention their speed tests. One of the reasons why I think they do so well is because of  the amount of time we put into working on deceleration speed at the “point of transformation”. The point of transformation is the time it takes an athlete to go from a decelerated state into an accelerated motion. Obviously the shorter this time is, the faster they get out of their breaks or the less ground contract incurred during  a linear speed drill. The point of transformation I feel comes down to 3 things…100_0562  

1.  How well integrated are your decelerators.  Is the trunk  providing the glutes a stable  point for them to apply force to decelerate and than accelerate.  

2  Are the trunk stabilizers being recruited fast enough to prevent the upper torso from getting to far outside the center of gravity and thus over loading the lower torso.

3.   Is the trunk stabilization strong enough  to allow the arms and legs to aggressive swing around to create counter balance to decelerate and than reverse that motion to create a driving force for acceleration.  

What I see is athletes do not like to crank the arms and often position the feet incorrectly because they do not have good trunk integration with the upper and lower extremites. As you watch the follow video I think you will see how that is true.     If you are wondering what is the best bands for speed development.. your Best Band package for speed training is right Here.

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