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Start a Fitness Boot Camp – 3 Reasons You’ll Make More Money As a Trainer

Starting Fitness Boot Camps – 3 Reasons You’ll Make More Money

If you are thinking about becoming a personal fitness trainer or are already a fitness trainer within the industry and have a client base you may prefer to consider the big opportunities involved in starting a fitness boot camp as part of your of your marketing plan. By applying boot camp workouts you’ll be able to train a sizeable number of clients nearly anyplace without the need for equipment. The main issue is most trainers simply have no idea exactly where to begin when it comes to starting their own fitness boot camps. If you’re thinking about managing a very profitable company check out the reason why you should begin teaching fitness boot camps.

Time Efficiency with Client Training

 If you’ve ever found yourself going to various locations to train your clients or have plenty of down time simply because you might train your first client at 5:00am and also the next one may not be until 9 or 10:00am you already understand how hard it is to control your worktime to produce your income. When training only one client at any given time your schedule will be be juggled to support their needs as well as your existing time availabilities. This may result in a lot of down time between consultations at which you may not have anything to do. With Fitness boot camps you are able to solve that issue by training 10 or even 12 clients at the same time. That is how to build an hourly rate paying you anywhere from $200 to $300 per hour according to your fees. Additionally , this enables you to possess much more time to yourself. By training 1 course a morning you could potentially make the same level of income you may have made by investing your whole day training clients.

Low Overhead Expenses with Fitness Boot Camps

Should you train clients at a health club you’re most likely having to pay the fitness center between 25% to 50% of your service fees to them. If you’ve got a large client base and they give you an office paying a monthly lease fee that also cuts into your earnings. With boot camp workouts the programs could be done outside on the beach, baseball fields, parks and recreational areas, or even in your own backyard or a clients yard. People love to workout and exercise outdoors within the fresh air and it can feel much better than going to a stuffy gym to workout. You’ve control of exactly where the workouts occur and also the income from your enrollment fees goes to you instead of a fitness center.
Most gyms also require that you’ve got your personal trainer certification to be in instructor as it may fall under their insurance codes but you are able to teach boot camp programs without having an expensive personal trainer certification. It might cost slightly more for your trainers insurance but it can significantly reduce your start up expenses.

No Workout Gear Required for Boot Camp Workouts

While in the beginning stages of your business you are able to start off with bodyweight exercises and that’s all that’s needed to get a group in outstanding condition. While you get a lot more advanced classes you are able to begin to invest in some basic gear like stability balls and kettlebells to add a lot more variety. Keep in mind all of this is tax deductible so as you’re generating income make sure to invest some back into your business to help keep it growing and increasing in size and popularity. Always take a certain percent of your income to reinvest. You’ll be able to make over $100,000 annually running fitness boot camps and some individuals are even generating $200,000+ so if you’ve dreamed of making a lot of money doing what you love as a personal trainer then I highly suggest you take a serious look at the fitness boot camp industry.

If you aren’t sure where to start look at Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Kit.It is stacked with several books that you will need to be successful coming out of the gates. and the TT Boot Camp business program.  You’ll find it includes 21 already created boot camp workouts and complete instructions with templates on how to create your own starting with the warm up and taking your class through various stages like strength, conditioning, and games at the end to make it fun. In addition you’ll learn the proper way to market yourself and build up a client base faster than you ever thought possible with a referral generation system to create classes with next to no advertising costs. A personal trainer certification can cost anywhere from $400 to $700 depending on what company you go through and most people don’t even learn much from the course if they have been in the industry for a long time. Both programs are a fraction of this cost If you are entering into the fitness boot camp profession or personal training profession I highly suggest you take a look at the advantages of a systems like this.

Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Kit http://budurl.com/FBKit

TT Bootcamp http://budurl.com/TTBootcamp

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