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Starting a Fitness Boot Camp – Increase Your Profits

If you’re thinking about becoming a personal trainer or you currently a personal trainer working with a client base you might wish to think about the huge possibilities of starting a fitness boot camp in your area. By using boot camp workouts you can train a big group of clients just about anywhere without having to use gear.

The main problem is most trainers just don’t know wherever to begin. If you’re interested in running a very profitable business take a look at why you must begin teaching fitness boot camps. To get a sample you can go here for a Free Boot Camp Workout which also discusses tips on getting started.

Time Efficiency with Multiple Client Instruction

If you’ve ever found yourself going to different locations to train your clients or have lots of downtime because you might train your first client at 5am and the next one might not be until 9am then you know how hard it’s to manage your day to make money.

When teaching only 1 client at a time your schedule must be juggled to accommodate their needs as well as your current time openings. This can lead to a lot of down time in between sessions where you might not have anything to do. With health and fitness boot camps you are able to solve that issue by training 10 or 12 clients at once. This really is how to make your hourly rate go up to anywhere from $200 to $300 per hour depending on your pricing. It also allows you to have more free time. By teaching 1 class a morning you could make the same amount of money you may have made by spending your entire day training clients.

Low Overhead Costs with Fitness Boot Camps

If you train clients at a health club you are most likely paying the health and fitness center anywhere from 25% to 50% of your fees to them. If you have a big customer base and they give you an office you might be paying a monthly rent fee that also cuts into your profit margin. With boot camp routines they could be carried out outside on the beach, baseball fields, parks, or even a backyard.

Individuals love to exercise outside within the fresh air and it can feel much better than going to a stuffy gym to workout. You have control of where the routines occur and also the money from your registration fees goes to you rather than a health club. Most gyms also require that you have a personal trainer certification to instruct but you are able to teach boot camp routines without an expensive certification. It may cost a little more for your insurance but it can greatly decrease your start up expenses.

No Gear Required for Boot Camp Workouts

In the beginning you can begin off with bodyweight exercises and that is all that is required to obtain a group in great shape. As you get more advanced classes you are able to start to invest in some basic gear like stability balls and kettlebells to add more variety. Remember all of this is tax deductible so as you’re producing cash make certain to invest some back in your business to keep it growing and improving. You can make over $100,000 a year running health and fitness boot camps and some individuals are even making $200,000 so if you’ve always dreamed of making it as a trainer to make big money begin off teaching fitness boot camp workouts.

Get Your Boot Camp Business Started Now

Check out this site on Fitness Boot Camps if you want to learn much more about the best  fitness Boot Camp Manual accessible that has workouts with instructions on how to obtain started.  

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