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Hey guys – I had a great post here on THE FITNESS BOOTCAMP CLUB a few days ago, and I’m not sure if you saw it.

It was from my friend Kaiser Serajuddin and all about how to start a studio for an absolute minimum amount of money.  I wanted Kaiser on to talk about it, because on the surface it sounds a lot like hype; but if you know Kaiser, he’s a very well respected guy, so I wanted to give him the chance to back it up.

And even though the whole idea of “starting a training studio for under 5K” sounds very ambitious, it made a lot of sense.  In case missed the post, it’s right here:

How To Start A Personal Training Studio For Under 5K

Well now, he’s back for part two of the interview. Here I’m going to grill him for some more studio start-up info (after all, he’s started up his business out of dozens of locations in New York City, before starting and running his own successful studio).

Plus I have some info here about his program STUDIO START-UP. This program allows you to implement everything he talks about here.  If you’ve ever had the dream to open your own studio, this program will show you how to make it a reality.

Just a word of warning: like last time, once you get Kaiser going, he doesn’t stop, so he’s got tons of info to share with you here in the article.

Kaiser, I’ve been hearing all over the place about your course STUDIO START-UP.  How does it help trainers make good on starting their own studio for dirt cheap?

The course achieves it’s mission of helping trainers open a studio on a shoestring budget and hit it out of the park on the first try, by focusing on three factors:

1. The Start-Up Process: Trainers who get in on the course are guided through the set-up of their facility and their operating procedures. They’re guided through any and all of the potential landmines like finding a location, getting funding, managing start-up expenses, negotiations deals, implementing systems, and a lot more.

Through surveys and discussions with hundreds of personal trainers and going through the process myself in a big way, I’ve kind of identified the biggest hurdles stopping trainers from making the jump into opening their own facility. This was taken into consideration in making this course, and it’s the reason why the course is so heavily devoted on coaching trainers through the entire start-up process.

Trainers with the course can expect to get a thorough understanding of the start-up process of studio ownership, even if this is their very first business that they’re starting.

2. Studio Set-up: In this course I also put forth a new fitness studio formula that trainers are going to love. The formula is based on the use of a minimal amount of traditional equipment. That’s because it’s based on the biggest trends in both training techniques and studio set-up today. This formula will help trainers capitalize on the latest trends in training, while simultaneously keeping their start up costs at the lowest levels possible.

Our studio layout is at the forefront of the current move toward minimalist training environments and non-traditional exercises. With a lot of trainers today relying more heavily on kettlebells, TRX equipment, Lebert brand products, and bodyweight conditioning, going “lower budget” actually puts you on the cutting edge, while saving a ton of cash over the big time costs of expensive gym equipment.

Owners of THE STUDIO START-UP course are taught to use their minimalist gym environments as a positioning strategy to command top rates and customer loyalty while still keeping start-up costs extremely low. This is one of the ways the primary mission of this program, to show trainers how to create a successful high end studio on their first time out and do it for under 5K, is achieved.  It’s by showing them how to spend the least amount of money up front, but still command the highest rates at the same time.

The course also puts forward an advanced structure for the administration of your training sessions, ie how to run it. This system is meant to allow the owner of the program to manage the business, and delegate day to day training activities to their staff.  The role in the day to day training you want to take is entirely up to you, but the system is constructed to allow you to entirely delegate those jobs if you want.

3. Advanced marketing strategies: This course also places heavy emphasis on marketing strategies, which are essential for the success and longevity of a high-earning fitness business. The approach that’s taught is direct response marketing, which is the science of measuring advertising expenditures versus total client value, to determine an exact formula for a consistent and predictable flow of qualified prospects. The leading offline and online, paid and free advertising methods are covered in depth. Among them are postcards, print ads, google advertising, facebook advertising, daily-deal websites, joint ventures, and craigslist ads.

But in spite of all the tactics you’ll learn, I want to make an interesting point: most successful fitness business owners (and most small business owners in general) will tell you that there are usually just one or two marketing channels that work perfectly for their specific business and bring them the majority of their leads. That’s why this course gives you a ton of marketing channels to look at, to help you discover what that one top channel will be for you.

In addition to marketing tactics that we just talked about, there’s also a tremendous emphasis on customer psychology in the program. Understanding customer psychology is without a doubt the most important part of the marketing process. Owners of this program will get this knowledge by learning how customers search for training services, what their decision making criteria are, and how they prefer to buy. This is all covered in extreme detail throughout this program.

With the scope of subjects covered in this program and the depth to which they’re covered, this is probably the most ambitious program the fitness industry has seen to date. This is because opening a brick and mortar studio is an important step in any business owner’s career, and it has to be treated seriously. The fact is without the correct base of knowledge from the outset, most fitness studios will fail. This course is meant to solve these issues, and by doing so allowing trainers to maximize their opportunities.

Why is this course a must for every trainer even thinking about opening their own fitness studio?

Despite the cost, uncertainty, and risk that comes with the decision to pursue a fitness studio, the fact is the benefits far outweigh the downsides. For those reasons, it’s imperative for any trainer with the desire for greater income, freedom, longevity, and respectability out of their fitness career to look into the possibility of owning their own facility. To put it simply, life’s easier when you have your own place, for the following reasons:

Easier to manage employees: Gaining respect and obedience from employees is essential to the success of any business. Without it, it’s impossible to maintain the necessary standards of service without having to do all of the work yourself. If this buy-in from employees isn’t achieved, no business owner can ever expect to get the freedom from their business that they want. By having your own facility, you take advantage of the fact that all employees are conditioned to give greater respect and credibility to the owner of the facility where they are working, compared to any other work arrangement.

Easier to get compliance from customers: Getting compliance from customers on payment terms, prices, and training practices are necessary to have a business that operates easily and with maximum profits. It’s much easier to achieve all of this in a studio environment. Again, most customers are conditioned to give more respect to the owner of a facility than a trainer who is operating without one. It makes the job of retention much easier, makes the business less dependent on the business owner, and allows for service standards to be implemented and upheld. Having a facility turns any fitness business into a professional practice, which carries with it a huge shift in customer compliance and income potential.

Easier to charge higher rates: As mentioned above, in a studio environment, a client will generally tend to be less price resistance. This environment, where you are the center of attention, results in higher perceived authority for you and higher perceived value for your training.

Saves time: Having your own facility eliminates the need to commute between sessions, and helps to eliminate gaps of “dead time” during the day. This allows you to fill up every open hour with training sessions for you, and more importantly, for your staff. It also increase your income by virtue of the fact that you are no longer wasting any time. You can operate your business and tend to your marketing for every hour you decide to spend in your in studio.

Predictable training environment: Having a location of your own allows you to control all of the variables in your business. It allows you to control where you’re holding consultations, how group sessions are structured, what equipment is used, and every other factor to ensure the type of training experience that keeps clients coming back. Your own studio allows you to execute bootcamps, semi-private sessions, and have your employees run private session all out of one place.

Duplication: When you’ve mastered the management of your first location, and it has achieved a high level of profitability and predictability, the next natural step is to open your next location. Owning a studio gives you the opportunity to duplicate your already successful business, creating the greatest potential for rapid growth. The ease of use and low start up costs that are part of the STUDIO START-UP system make this possible.

Longevity: Have you ever wondered why you don’t see many trainers in their 50’s, 60’s or 70’s? I can guarantee you it isn’t because they’re independently wealth. The fact is most trainers are forced into other careers at a certain point, because of the physical nature and tendency of burn out for personal trainers. However, owning a fitness studio or chain of studios is a passion you can carry for as long as you want. You’ll see most entrepreneurs refusing to retire because they love their work so much. STUDIO START-UP puts forth a system that allows the business owner to extract themselves from the daily grind that wears most trainers out, and instead focus only the activities that lead to greater growth and profits for the business. There’s even a provision that will allow you to play the role of passive owner. However, being a passive owner is a highly advanced strategy and is not recommended for most trainers jumping into studio ownership for the first time.

What are the pitfalls of opening a fitness studio and how does this course help solve them?

Yeah, despite how great I make it sound, there are a lot of pitfalls with opening a studio.  Here are a few of them:

High Startup Costs: The biggest barrier to opening a facility are the tremendous overhead costs. That’s precisely the problem the STUDIO START-UP PROGRAM is meant to solve; it’s designed to bring the entire project to under $5K. In addition, the program provides several funding strategies to raise all of the necessary cash immediately.

High Equipment costs: Equipment costs are also a major drawback with opening a private facility. With most commercial equipment costing between 5K all the way 15K, just a few simple pieces of equipment can grow a training studio’s start up costs to over 50K. This makes opening a facility out of the reach of the majority of trainers, and makes it nearly impossible for the facility to ever achieve immediate profitability. Our blueprint completely eliminates this pitfall by giving owners of the program a model that is both high-end and extremely economical. They can immediately overcome the financial pressures of opening a facility and have the potential to earn a substantial profit from the get-go.

Employee hiring and management headaches: Employees are one of the biggest headache for any business owner, but are absolutely necessary if you want to achieve freedom from your business by having it run without you. Much of the course is devoted to the hiring, managing, and delegating process, and the psychology behind it.

The absence of business systems: Without business systems, any fitness business will turn into chaos. Creating systems to run the marketing, training, and back-end upkeep are one of the focuses of the program.

Mindset and confidence: There’s still an entire mental and belief component to opening your first fitness facility. Despite your desire to finally have your own “gym”, knowing that you can do it is what will determine your success. This program addresses that by included a module on understanding the internal leverage points that make success possible for any trainer. Even if the thought of opening your own facility seems a little outside your comfort zone right now, this module will show you how to make yourself up to the challenge.

What if a trainer isn’t sure if they want to open their own facility, or don’t think they’ll be doing it anytime soon; will this course help me them decide?

While opening a facility is the primary goal for most trainers, it’s not the only option for trainers today. That’s why this course is also really valuable to help explore and decide if studio ownership is right for them.  It’ll do that by showing them the different priorities, costs, and projects ahead. For that reason, even a trainer that’s deciding and in the planning phase of opening a studio will still get a lot of value out of this course.

It’s true that some trainers, after owning the course, might decide they don’t want to pursue a fitness studio. In that case, it’s well worth the investment in the ownership of the program to make help them make this decision, rather then wasting tens of thousands of dollars and years pursuing studio ownership, only to discover it wasn’t what they ultimately wanted. This course will give you all of the information to make your decision on whether opening a training studio is right for you, and it’s well worth the investment in the program, even if you decide not to take that road.


Wow, that was some awesome stuff, and if the course is even half as good as he makes it sound right there, it should be amazing!

You can find out for yourself by checking it out, and I just want to point out that Kaiser has backed the whole thing up with a 100% money back guarantee.

Here’s the deal: Kaiser recently lowered the price of the program – it went from three payments of $197, down to only two payments of $197.  He did that only last week, and to celebrate he had a new lower price promotion.

Well, just because he’s a friend of mine, he’s extended the promotion only for my readers.  Wait til you check out the awesome bonuses he’s giving away in addition to the new lower price:

* BONUS #1: First off and most special of all, he’ll do a full one hour of coaching with you if you get on board the program before
Friday.  He’s opened up 25 exclusive spots for my readers.  These spots will go fast so be sure to be among the first to order.  If you know Kaiser, you’ll know that he doesn’t sell his coaching for any price, so this is a very rare bonus.

* BONUS #2: You will also get a special HARD COPY edition the GOLD SUPREME PROGRAM.  This advanced program will take you from just another trainer into a real player in this industry; to one of the people on the inside, that’s setting themselves up for rapid growth while everyone else is fighting for scraps.

* BONUS #3: And last but definitely not least, you’ll get the never before seen HARD COPY edition to THE PLATINUM PROGRAM.  This is his most highly advanced and highly controversial program to date. This program will take you from a player into a leader in this business.  When you consider that most people in the industry are not even players, this is a jump in credibility, earnings, and
respect that you’ll want to be a part of.

This much coaching and programming has a real world value of over $2,000, conservatively.  If you really think that you can’t benefit tremendously from having this much insider info on how to hit the upper echelon of the industry, I don’t really know what more I can tell you.

Here’s the link to get his course:



Great job from Kaiser, and I want to thank him for coming on the site and sharing so much valuable info.  Even if you decide not to get his course, I’m sure you got a tone of valuable information out of this long interview and these two pots.

The bottom line is no matter who you are or where you are in this business, it’s time to step things up to the next level.  Go get ’em!



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