Fat Loss Accelerator Bootcamp Workout

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Super Hormone Accelerator Workout

By Kate Vidulich


From 14 Day Fat Burning Super Hormone Workouts

Fat Loss Accelerators 2.0


Workout time = 25 minutes + 5 minutes stretching


Set your timing device for 32 rounds, 30 seconds work and 5 seconds transition.

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds and do as many reps as possible, with good form. Rest for 5 seconds between the exercises.

Note: take additional rest breaks when necessary.


Dynamic Warm Up

Do each exercise in order for 30 seconds, with a 5 seconds transition.


A: Butt kicks

B: Bird dog w 15s hold each side

C: Crocodile jacks

D: Overhead reverse lunge with reach


Workout Set #1: 3 rounds

1A: Single Leg walkouts

1B: Cross Body Mountain climbers


Workout Set #2: 3 rounds

2A: Renegade row

2B: Swinging lunges


Workout Set #3: 3 rounds

3A: Prisoner squat jumps (or total body extension)

3B: Side plank


Workout Set #4: 3 rounds

4A: Inchworms

4B: jump rope (no rope… Just pretend!)


Accelerator Pyramid Surprise:

Do the following in order for ONE round only. Rest as necessary. If you’re form breaks down, please take a break.


A: squat thrusts x 3 + jump squat x 2

B: squat thrusts x 6 + jump squat x 4

C: squat thrusts x 9 + jump squat x 6

D: squat thrusts x 12 + jump squat x 8

E: squat thrusts x 9 + jump squat x 6

F: squat thrusts x 6 + jump squat x 4

G: squat thrusts x 3 + jump squat x 2


Stretch and Cool Down


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