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Suspension Training Bootcamp Games (Video)

New Method of Suspension Training


There is a definite shift in boot camp training happening. Over the past year, there has been a rise in the use of a crazy training tool called suspension trainers. These could be TRX, Jungle Gym, Blast Straps, ect. The main thing is that if you aren’t using them, chances are your competitors are going to.


Having said that, many boot camps have come to realization about this fact and have been incorporating these tools into their daily training sessions. Now clients are starting to get familiar with certain suspension trainer moves and concepts.


Eventually, over the next year, I am betting that people are going to look at many of the suspension trainer exercises like they do pushups or squats. They are just going to consider these things to be a “normal” part of any workout.


So to get ahead of this training shift, you need to start thinking outside of the box with these suspension trainers. Start innovating their training methods now, before people start to get burned out of them. This way you are ahead of the curve and as you know, innovation always wins in terms of training.


There are several ways you can throw some new concepts into this hot new training tool. I definitely recommend investing in Dan Long’s Suspension Revolution Program.

There are over 190 DIFFERENT exercises you can do with suspension trainers in his program.


You need to think even more outside of the box though if you want to be on the cutting edge of this innovation; beyond new exercises and training formats…


Let’s talk about Suspension Training Games.


That’s right. You can actually play games with these workout tools and still get a heck of a workout in the process.


Check out this video below for an example of a suspension trainer game that requires only two people to play…



This is a great example of innovation using a popular workout tool. What this does is it disguises the exercise to the member or client. To them it feels like a friendly competition or game they play against their peers.


If you are a trainer you realize very quickly that the motions are still in place to burn fat and develop strength, but they are just disguised in a game.


Think about it: if you tell your session they are doing hanging leg raises, they may fuss a little because they are pretty difficult to complete. However, if you tell your members that they are going to play a game and the winner gets a prize. Everyone will be all up on that idea.


This is a win for everyone. The clients have a good time and get their exercise in and you get to give your members an experience that will make your boot camp the talk of the town. They will be having fun and working out all at once.


If you want to get your hands on more suspension training games make sure to check out my NEWEST program:


==>TT Boot Camp Games 2.0 + 17 Suspension Training Games


Make sure to grab your copy of the program TODAY so you can get the 17 suspension trainer games for FREE. This is only going on TODAY so don’t miss out.


Also, don’t forget that you will be getting your hands on over 31 done for you NEW  boot camp games that will help add some variety into your sessions and disguise exercise to keep your clients having fun and burning fat at the same time.



Use this game to explode the social buzz about your boot camp around town. I hope you enjoy it 🙂


Keep Rocking It!


Brian Kalakay, CTT

Creator TT Boot Camp Games 

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