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  One of the top 10 toughest bootcamp workouts Pyramid Overload Circuit By Scott York http://georgettepann.com/fitgames One of the top 10 toughest workouts that we do is called POC which stands for “Pyramid Overload Circuit”. We did a variation of… Continue Reading…

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The Top 7 Interval Training Applications Ever Let me first start by briefly explaining the concept of interval training in it’s most basic format and why you need to be doing it each and every week if you are not… Continue Reading…

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TT Bootcamp 2.0 35th birthday with $35 off  -ends Wednesday at midnight……. http://budurl.com/TTBootcamp35OFF     Here are just some of the 31 TT Bootcamp Workouts you’ll get:. The TT Beginner Bootcamp 2K10 The TT Physical Testing Bootcamp The TT Big… Continue Reading…

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Getting The Word Out – Marketing Your Fitness Boot Camp   If you are a fitness boot camp owner, or if you are looking to start your own boot camp, you must know how to continually market it.    The… Continue Reading…

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  “The TT 30-Minute Bootcamp 2K10” Warm-up (20 seconds per exercise) – 5 minutes – Jumping Jacks – Prisoner Squat – Off-Set Pushup – Duck Under – Arm Crosses – Rest 1 minute and repeat 1 more time. Water Break… Continue Reading…

Bootcamp ExercisesBootcamp Workouts

Dynamic Strength Workout Warm Up:  A: Joint Mobility & Dynamic Movements  B: Push Ups  C: Bodyweight SquatsTraining Method: Bodyweight, Joint Mobility Description:Marcus Martinez of MBody Strength demonstrates a dynamic strength workout warm up including joint mobility exercises and dynamic movements…. Continue Reading…


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