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Fitness Bootcamp SYSTEMS   I bet everyone reading this has had a hamburger that tastes better than anything on the McDonalds menu. So it’s fair to say that McDonalds may not have the best hamburgers in the world right? So… Continue Reading…

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Episode 69: Fred Zoller: HIIt Protocols,HIIT Mistakes and More     In this episode, we interview Fred Zoller of Lean Performance Academy and the new project he and Georgette are working on to offer dynamic and adaptable programming for fitness… Continue Reading…

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Smart Bootcamp Training Programs   Bootcamps are still currently all the rage in the fitness industry.  And for good reason.  Not only are bootcamps a cost-effective way for clients to get a supervised workout, but they’re also an amazing money-making… Continue Reading…

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Challenge Jump Rope – Bodyweight Workouts   Challenge Jump Rope Workout #1 Prisoner Dash Count Down  Skipping: Sprint forward 5 meters/hop back to start 5 times 10 prisoner squats Skipping: Sprint forward 5 meters/hop back to start 4 times 8… Continue Reading…

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7 Ways to Change Up Your Bootcamp Workouts Georgette Pann Creator of the Sure Victory Bootcamp Kit Bootcamps have evolved so much, especially in the last 12-14 months. I’m coach several successful bootcamp owners and coaches and when we talk, I… Continue Reading…

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Partner Ladders Workout   As you may have figured out by now, I am all about having fun during workouts! This one is a blast! This is workout involves a really simple format, but I’d venture a guess that 99%… Continue Reading…


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