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Are You Running a Serious Fitness Boot Camp… Or a  Gym Class? by Georgette Pann   There’s a big problem bubbling up in the fitness boot camp world. If this problem isn’t nipped in the bud, our industry is going… Continue Reading…

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30 Minute TT Bootcamp Workout This workout is perfect for trainers who want bodyweight only workouts. Warm-up (30 seconds per exercise) – 5 minutes * Jumping Jacks * Pushup * Stick-up * Running in Place * Rest 1 minute before… Continue Reading…

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2 More Of Our Toughest Bootcamp Workouts! (video) by Scott York http://georgettepann.com/fitgames  Due to the response of my recently sharing one of my top 10 toughest boot camp workouts, I’m going to share TWO more of my top 10 toughest… Continue Reading…

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  One of the top 10 toughest bootcamp workouts Pyramid Overload Circuit By Scott York http://georgettepann.com/fitgames One of the top 10 toughest workouts that we do is called POC which stands for “Pyramid Overload Circuit”. We did a variation of… Continue Reading…

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TT Bootcamp 2.0 35th birthday with $35 off  -ends Wednesday at midnight……. http://budurl.com/TTBootcamp35OFF     Here are just some of the 31 TT Bootcamp Workouts you’ll get:. The TT Beginner Bootcamp 2K10 The TT Physical Testing Bootcamp The TT Big… Continue Reading…

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5 Best Fitness Bootcamp Workout Methods http://georgettepann.com/TTBC2.0    Here are the 5 essential components to the best NO-equipment, body weight exercise fitness bootcamp workouts! 1.   You’ll start with a total body warm-up and a series of multi-muscle exercises to specifically… Continue Reading…


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