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Fitness Bootcamp SYSTEMS   I bet everyone reading this has had a hamburger that tastes better than anything on the McDonalds menu. So it’s fair to say that McDonalds may not have the best hamburgers in the world right? So… Continue Reading…

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The Dark Side of Fitness Boot Camps by Georgette Pann Avoid these 8 Mistakes to Ensure Satisfied Customers and Maximum Profits Everyone wants their fitness boot camp to be successful and profitable. But there are some mistakes frequently made by… Continue Reading…

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3 Big Mistakes Gyms Make with Their Boot Camp Programs   By Georgette Pann If you already own a gym or have access to gym facilities, it makes good sense to offer a fitness boot camp. A fitness boot camp… Continue Reading…

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7 Killer Fitness Boot Camp Tips  By Casey Kaldal http://www.adviceforpersonaltrainers.com Hey there, hope you’re doing great and cashing in on the fitness market. It’s been a while since I posted anything, and that’s because I just moved back home to… Continue Reading…

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Patterns On How People Search For A Personal Trainer And Fitness Information (and what you can do about it)   Special guest article by Kaiser Serajuddin of Super-Trainer.com. The internet’s strange in that you can express desires that you can’t… Continue Reading…

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  One of the top 10 toughest bootcamp workouts Pyramid Overload Circuit By Scott York http://georgettepann.com/fitgames One of the top 10 toughest workouts that we do is called POC which stands for “Pyramid Overload Circuit”. We did a variation of… Continue Reading…


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