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 Run One of These 5 Specialized Bootcamps… by Georgette Pann     One of the keys to filling your bootcamps with trainees is to offer specialized bootcamps.  That means you need to figure out what niche markets there are in your… Continue Reading…

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Today is the final day for you to save $100 on the Fitness Sales Formula system. Get it here: fitnesssalesformula Here’s a list of everything that’s included in the system: Fitness Sales Formula Module #1: The BIG 5 Closing System… Continue Reading…

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Do you value yourself like a Fitness Rockstar would?   As I continue to work on fitness marketing with outrageously talented Fit Pros, Personal Trainers and Presenters to raise their fitness profile to ‘Rockstar’ status and their earnings to match… Continue Reading…

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7 Killer Fitness Boot Camp Tips  By Casey Kaldal http://www.adviceforpersonaltrainers.com Hey there, hope you’re doing great and cashing in on the fitness market. It’s been a while since I posted anything, and that’s because I just moved back home to… Continue Reading…

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Patterns On How People Search For A Personal Trainer And Fitness Information (and what you can do about it)   Special guest article by Kaiser Serajuddin of Super-Trainer.com. The internet’s strange in that you can express desires that you can’t… Continue Reading…

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  EIM Month: Simple, Easy Ways to Get Involved Exercise is Medicine™ Month is quickly approaching! In the third installment of this special recognition month for exercise counseling and the benefits of physical activity, it’s easy to get involved. Before… Continue Reading…


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