Team Training Circuit

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Team Training Circuit


EQUIPMENT: Multiple exercise markers, multiple dice,


TIME: 25 minutes

AIM: To collect points by completing the three simple steps


Lay out the circuit as shown in the diagram. You will need to label each cone on the circuit 1-6 and give them their own exercise. 


Also label each exercise marker with two sets of repetitions to reflect class ability.


I use reps between 15 and 30 for this circuit. 


(give easier exercises more reps, and harder exercises fewer reps)


Split the group in to 2 teams, you will require each group to come up with a team name. Write them down in two columns. 


Important: players are working individually to score points for their own team throughout the game. 


To start:


Have plenty of dice available, all dice must be rolled in the dice area. 


Step 1: The player must roll a dice: then sprint over to the burpee prison and complete a set number of burpees. This will be determined by the number on the dice. (whatever they roll)


Step Two: The player must roll a dice: then sprint out in any direction. The number of paces that the player sprints out will be determined by the number on the dice.


1 = 10 paces

2 = 20 paces

3 = 30 paces

4 = 40 paces

5 = 50 paces

6 = 60 paces


If you lack the space, get them to sprint around the circuit instead.


Step three: The player must roll a dice: then sprint over to the circuit and complete a set numbered exercise (written on the cones). The exercise will be determined by the number on the dice.


Once the player has completed the three steps, they must sprint over to the instructor and shout out their team name.


The instructor will record a point for that team.


Players must repeat step 1, 2, and 3 repeatedly until the time is out.  


Important: Players are working individually throughout the circuit, they can only roll the dice in the dice area.


This means sprinting back to the dice area after completing every step.


The team with the highest combine score at the end of game wins.


TIPS/VARIATIONS: Add in your own exercises and your own set tasks for steps one and two. You’re only limited by your imagination on this one!


Fitter players only: must double the number on their dice for burpees.



Once the challenge has been explained, get the group to jog around the circle for 1 minute, then on commando ‘GO’ they can start.







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