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The #1 thing needed for Fitness Bootcamp Business Success

The #1 thing needed for Fitness Bootcamp Business Success


Most Fitness Bootcamps Suck!  ok maybe not most:)  But…….

There are a LOT of fitness bootcamps now.  A whole lot. 3 Years ago you could open a bootcamp business up and win by default.  They were the new thing in fitness and if you were first mover you were almost automatically assured of success.

No more.

Now we’re past that stage and we’re on to the time where you actually need to be able to deliver a good product to succeed.

See, as far as I’m concerned, there’s always room in the market for a GREAT business.


A business that delivers an extraordinary experience and provides a great value to it’s clients.
If you can do that – the market is never too crowded for greatness.

But if you thought that you could head over to the park, tell people to take a couple of laps, do some jumping jacks and push ups and build a $10,000 a month fitness bootcamp business without providing anything of real value – you’re an ———.
The fitness industry… no, make that the world… doesn’t need another crappy fitness bootcamp. 

It doesn’t need another personal trainer that doesn’t care about being a great coach or is committed to getting their clients results.
That’s why I feel very fortunate that the fitness professionals we tend to attract are the ones that care about training. 

They work hard to become better at their craft.  There are plenty of the personal trainers that are not really concerned about client results or delivering an extraordinary experience – and any success they enjoy is short-lived.

So here’s you a quick checklist of how to still enjoy success running a bootcamp business in spite of the increased competition and the fact that every health club on the planet either is already offering a bootcamp or will be before you know it:


  •   You can call your bootcamp a bootcamp – but it better be more like group personal training than health club group exercise if you want to succeed.  Why should someone pay you $99-$299 a month for something they can get at the local health club as part of their membership?


  • Treat your clients like family.  Focus on creating a close-knit community.


  • Determine a clear and obvious reason why people should choose you.  Without that, they are going to decide on price alone and that’s not a battle you want to be in.


  • Look at what most fitness bootcamps do… then do the opposite.


The bottom line is this:

  A few lucky souls get a huge competitive advantage by being first when anything new occurs. Apple does it with things like the iPhone and iPad – they get a head start, then everyone else has to catch up.  If you miss out on being that ‘first mover’, there is still plenty of opportunity to achieve great success – but you have to do it by actually delivering something special.


You can try to use gimmicks or under price everyone else and probably have some short term success – but the only way you can build lasting success – with a fitness bootcamp business or anything else – is to develop something great. 



Deliver an experience that your competition can’t match.  Give people an obvious reason to choose you above all other competitors.  Do that and you can compete successfully in any market no matter the competition.


 Here’s a top resource that will accomplish this NOW: The Bootcamp Automator System

Get it here now: Bootcamp Automator

The Bootcamp Automator System will:


:: Allow you to spend more time actually Coaching and less time watching the clock – which Guarantees better results for your clients.


:: Save you countless hours each month designing programs and creating all the modifications to accommodate your various levels of clients.


:: Help you provide an extraordinary experience, each and every day in sessions.


:: Deliver High-Energy workouts, each and every training session.


:: Give you FREEDOM by allowing you to hire coaches and not have to worry about them being able to deliver great workouts and provide the right type of atmosphere.


:: Make you more money by helping you rise above every other program in your market though those two key factors: Coaching and the Experience.


If you run group training or want to start – this is a blueprint that will save you a dozen hours each month and guarantee that your groups have world class programming.

Get it here now for 75% off: BCAutomator

AND…If you are not running Bootcamps yet…then get my Sure Victory Bootcamp Business Starter Kit for 65% OFF 



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