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The 2010 Freaky Fat Loss Halloween Bootcamp Workout

The 2010 Freaky Fat Loss Halloween Bootcamp Workout



For the last several years, bootcamp owners from around the world have followed the lead of fitness bootcamp expert and Perform Better presenter BJ Gaddour in putting together a special Halloween Charity Bootcamp where participants don consumes and perform a killer workout using pumpkin exercises.


This event is an incredible way to:


1.) Provide an unforgettable experience for your campers that will be the talk of the town


2.) Bring new leads into camp


3.) Get free publicity from the local media


4.) Offer a special holiday meltdown OR holiday survival package to all guest to either lose weight OR maintain their weight from Halloween to New Year’s Eve when people typically gain 5-10 lbs


5.) Raise money for a charity or cause of your choice and give back to the community


Yep, it’s about as win-win as it gets 😉


Now, surely you can put together a great workout for this event and buy a bunch of Halloween-themed music from iTunes to set the mood.


But why not make your life a bit easier and save yourself valuable time and resources like all smart business owners do?


Workout Muse has just released their Halloween Bootcamp 3.0 which is a complete done-for-you workout system for this seasonal event.


This product includes the following brand NEW WM Halloween-themed track:


– ONE 30-5 Halloween-Themed Partner Six-Exercise Circuit Soundtrack: 20 minutes


And the following classic WM Halloween-themed tracks from the past:


– ONE 50-10 Halloween-Themed Warm-up Soundtrack: 5 minutes


– ONE 50-10 Halloween-Themed Circuit Soundtrack: 20 minutes


– ONE 20-10 Tabata Halloween-Themed Soundtrack: 20 minutes




– ONE Program Design Cheat Sheet PDF outlining the EXACT pumpkin workout routine BJ Gaddour uses with his campers in Milwaukee, WI


– ONE Instructional Pumpkin Workout Video with Level I, II, and III exercise progressions to accommodate campers of all fitness levels on the big day


Don’t waste time and click the link below NOW get the official Freaky Fat Loss Halloween Bootcamp Workout Soundtracks, both past and present:




What’s the best part??


Half of all proceeds go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF).


A rising tide floats all boats 😉



This product will only be available in the WM store until the end of October so get it today before you forget and have to wait until next year to go orange to grow your fitness business:




You can listen to all of the spooky Halloween soundtrack samples and preview the instructional pumpkin workout video as well to make sure it’s the right fit before you buy:



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