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The Anatomy of a BRILLIANT bootcamp session


The Anatomy of a BRILLIANT bootcamp session

by Paul Mort

Now this may not be the ‘sexiest’ post I’ve ever written but it is something I’m pretty passionate about.
You see, having the ability and the enthusiasm to teach a BRILLIANT bootcamp session can be the difference between a good bootcamp and a GREAT bootcamp. 

Its all down to showing your P.E.K’S- and i don’t mean teaching it with no shirt on, although that might be a ‘niche’ right there… topless bootcamp anyone? that would depend on who’s teaching it i suppose!

Maybe not the ‘niche’ you’re looking for 


Anyway, I digress 


So what does it take to deliver one of these BRILLIANT sessions? 

1.You MUST bring MASSIVE ENERGY to EVERY session
DO NOT turn up with a face like a smacked arse!
One of my mentors, Steve Hochman likens it to being on a TV programme, where cameras are following you around and you’re putting on a show.

2. Have a greeting to when you arrive; the guys know its time to get to work. Greetings or ‘welcome calls’ work really well for us and could be ‘good moooaaaaning’ from ‘allo ‘allo or ‘alreeeeeeeet’ or even ‘who let the dogs out?’! 

The greeting is basically something unique that forms a nice little bond between you and the members of your camp

3. Your warm up
A ‘warm up’ is NOT to ‘get the blood flowing’ and shouldn’t involve jogging on the spot, start jumps and other crap- unless that’s in the session. 

A warm up should be about movement preparation- in other words it should prepare the body for the workout your about to do. 

It should be about muscle activation and joint mobility as well as dynamic flexibility. 

The warm up, which is actually taught by video to our members before the first class is also a great time to explain the components of the main session. 

4. The main session HAS to be NAMED 

Whilst I’m explaining the main session (the guys are still doing warm up at this point) I’m getting really excited and speaking with PASSION AND CONVICTION. I’m also looking VERY prepared, which I am of course as I don’t just make it up 

The program is periodized and the intensity matches the session number so I explain this. 

ALWAYS explain the REASON and the GOAL of the work out- is it to generate lots of lactic acid, is it to increase the metabolism, is it a de-load session because you smashed them the day before? 

Use this time to really FIRE EM UP for the main sessions. 

5. Teaching the main session
Don’t use ‘crap stuff’. I really don’t know how to explain this but don’t use bland crap like knees over toes, back straight etc. Most of that stuff is bullshit anyway. 

Use powerful, encouraging words such as ‘Drive’, ‘Strong’, ‘Focus’,’ Power’ ‘commit’ etc 

This is when YOUR energy and enthusiasm should be SKY HIGH, you should literally be bouncing from person to person. NOT looking at a frickin stopwatch and scratching your ass! 

Look after techniques first then INSPIRE THEM. 

Most of our sessions are based on time rather than reps; this is VITAL to you long-term success. 

Timing it means the fitter people just work harder than the more out-of-shape members and No-one gets left behind and no one is standing around waiting for you to shout ‘erm….20 more push ups’ 

I got you a hook up to the bouncing, licence free music at


– go download the freebies I got for you
guys over there!

6. Use ‘Emotional Blackmail’  

If you’re switched on- you’ll be using timed workouts using http://bootcampbeats.com
Lets say for instance you’re doing a 50 second work/10 seconds rest workout.
Mrs smith ALWAYS gives up 20 seconds into her 50 seconds plank. 

Emotional blackmail sounds like this “Okay guys, we’re doing 50 seconds plank but if anybody stops during the time, we’ll be doing an extra round” 

SUDDENLY… out of nowhere… Mrs Smith is smashing out a 50 second plank! 

Use this!

The finisher does exactly what is say’s on the tin. It’s TREMENDOUS for camaraderie and banter too.
It finishes the client-, as it’s the hardest part of the session. 

It also finishes the class on a MASSIVE high, giving your clients a huge sense of achievement too- ESSENITAL for referrals and creating a buzz. 

8. Cool down
I just run through some basic stretches here. Quads, hammys, upper body etc etc you know the deal
The KEY here is to THANK THEM for coming, they’ve MADE YOUR DAY and you REALLY appreciate the fact that they got out of bed to come and train with you- Remind them that they just took a step closer to there goal of a better body. 

HINT: get them excited about the next session by telling them the name and the theme for it

So there you have it! My analogy of a pretty much perfect bootcamp session. Anything to add? 

NOTE: If you’re teaching pay as you go, start whenever you like, turn up if you can be bothered camps, then this probably won’t work for you… after all, how can you peridoize it if people are starting at random points? 

Ps- go get that free, royalty free music from


bash em on your ipod and use them in your next bootcamp!


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