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The BEST Boot Camp Exercise

The BEST Boot Camp Exercise

 I have some great posts coming here to the FBInner Circle and this guest post today will start things off with Shawna Kaminiski…..

OK…What’s the BEST exercise to give every level of boot camp client? Can you pick just one?


Hi, I’m Shawna K, I own and operate Calgary NW Fit Body Boot Camp. I have over 150 clients attend my boot camp month after month, year after year. I’ve had experience with all levels of clients and I’m seasoned with A LOT of boot camp exercises.


If I had to pick just ONE exercise, I’d pick the burpee as my all time favorite boot camp exercise.


Here’s a short video of all the cool variations that you can do with the burpee:


The beauty of the burpee is that ALL clients can be successful by doing either a modified or intensified version of the burpee. Look at just some of the variations of the burpee:


-full body extension

-burpee walk out

-burpee no push up

-burpee with push up

-one legged burpee

-burpee pull up


We all have the ‘Mrs. Jones’ that comes into your boot camp and she hasn’t exercised in 20 years. We also have ‘Mrs. Smith’ who just finished her fifth sprint triathlon.


How can you give them the same exercise without overwhelming Mrs. Jones or slowing Mrs. Smith down? The burpee has you covered.


Each client, beginner through advanced can do the burpee, or their variation of one and feel like they’re training side by side. This helps to build the camaraderie that you’re looking for in your camp. It’s this sense of community that you build that really helps your clients feel connected and is one more reason that clients keep coming back day in and day out.


Be prepared to be loved and hated at the same time when you serve up burpees. But keep in mind that this challenge is well worth it for the fat melting results it brings along with the improvements in various fitness parameters it brings your clients.


If you need more fitness challenges for your boot camp, ones that also include the glorious burpee, check out Challenge Workouts: Boot Camp Edition. You’ll find fun ways to up your client’s fitness game while you put their fitness to the test.



About Shawna

Shawna Kaminski is a retired schoolteacher of 20 years who’s found her passion in the fitness industry. She’s parlayed her ability to teach and her love of training into programs like her fitness boot camp. Shawna consistently has over 100 clients attend her boot camps monthly. She’s retained many of her clients for nearly a decade. Shawna is in her late forties, is a mother of two teenagers and understands how busy life can be. In addition to running her fitness boot camp, she does online coaching and training as well.


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2 comments on “The BEST Boot Camp Exercise

Excellent post! I absolutely love Shawna 🙂


Yes James :)! Thank you. Shawna does great job with videos and has a kick butt. BootCamp product! 🙂 I love it


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