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The Boomer/Senior Market is A Bunch of Bull ??

The Boomer/Senior Market is A Bunch of Bull (and no bear)!


It’s not just a bunch of bull…it’s all bull!  A Bull Market* that is!  The Boomers and Seniors are driving the U.S. economy and you are invited to hitch a ride to financial success!


*A bull market is a financial term indicating a rising financial market (that’s a good thing)


Consider these Boomer and Senior Facts:

  • Boomers are currently between the ages of 48-66
  • Boomers are turning 65 at a rate of one every 9 seconds (10,000 per day!)
  • Seniors will soon make up 20% of the population (DOUBLE what it is now)
  • Seniors 80+ years of age are the fastest-growing segment of the population
  • Boomers exercise TWICE as much as previous generations
  • Seniors are the fastest-growing segment of the fitness industry
  • Boomers don’t want to become “elderly” or be considered “old”
  • Boomers are going to live longer and want to be able to enjoy their old age healthfully
  • Boomers and Seniors are spending BILLIONS on anti-aging products and services annually
  • Boomers have a median income that is 31% higher than the median for all households
  • 25% of Boomer households have a net worth of $500,000 or more
  • Wealthy Boomers feel VERY strongly about philanthropic giving
  • Boomers are the most educated cohort in history




It means that this is the Perfect Storm for your business:

  1. There are lots of Boomers/Seniors…BIG MARKET
  2. They are educated and have a high level of financial worth…WEALTHY MARKET
  3. They want to exercise to stay healthy and youthful…WILLING MARKET


Now do you see the huge opportunity that is sitting right in front of you?


But that’s just the thunder.  You wanna see the lightning?  In addition to a big, wealthy and willing market there is also LOW COMPETITION for these clients.  SHAZAM!


The vast majority of the industry is way too busy fighting over the 20-40 year old market to care about the boomers and seniors.


And many of the ones that are trying to reach this market are rather clueless about how to go about it and are doing a terrible job of it.


Many of the boomers and seniors exercising at other clubs and studios are NOT SATISFIED with them and will leave if offered a better alternative (one that understands their needs and wants).


Any business analyst worth his/her salt will tell you that this is a formula for massive success.


If you are ready to crank up your bottom line, stand out from the crowd and be on the groundfloor of a massive shift within the fitness industry then a fitness business focusing on boomers and seniors is a no-brainer.


What are you waiting for?


Cody Sipe, PhD


Cody is an award-winning fitness professional specializing in fitness for older adults.  He is co-owner of a successful training studio serving boomers and seniors.  To learn more about how to create a successful fitness business serving this market click http://georgettepann.com/boomerprofits

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