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The Bootcamp Grand Finale

The Bootcamp Grand Finale

Mike Whitfield, CTT

Author, Bootcamp Finishers


I was just reminiscing the other day of when I first started to run bootcamps in the rear parking lot behind the gym I trained at. My humble beginning started at just two people…


… yeah, AND they were a couple.


I had to start somewhere, right?


As I built up referrals, my camps got bigger and bigger. It was a lot of fun watching my bootcamp business grow, especially because I didn’t rely on direct mail pieces or facebook ads, or any of that stuff.


My business was 100% referral based. Honestly, my marketing is horrid. So, I just focused on giving my campers a WOW experience and truly helping them. I wanted to have a big hook that my campers loved, to keep them coming back for more.


Without a doubt, my one hook was using these crazy finishers at the end of each bootcamp workout.  Your campers will probably call them what my campers have cleverly named them… Bootcamp Grand Finales.


After the workout, we would take a quick break and then brace ourselves. Yes, I joined in on the fun sometimes. These bootcamp finishers will truly finish off your campers, so definitely make sure you do these AFTER your main workout.


Here is a 3-minute finisher that requires no equipment:



Good times. That will smoke your campers. But more importantly, it gets your campers excited about coming to your workouts.  You’ll soon discover that they are getting great results, but it’s just a by-product of what you’re trying to accomplish, which is having them rave about your workouts.


That’s what I thrived on. I didn’t have any big signs or hit other businesses or anything like that. I just made sure the campers were blown away at every workout by having a bootcamp finisher every day.


The real secret is to change up your finisher at every workout. What I did with my bootcamps was use a variety of:


–          Timed sets

–          Gauntlet style finishers

–          Density circuits


I did more than that, too. But a camper favorite was the density method. There’s something magical about seeing how much you can do in a certain amount of time. It’s very addicting… but very fun!


So, just a few months later, using these crazy Bootcamp Finishers, I was having over 20 people in my 6 AM Bootcamps at the high school gym up the street.  Those were some good times…


… especially when I had the stupid idea of “let the campers choose the finisher of the day”.


But that’s a story for another day,

Mike Whitfield, CTT

Author, Bootcamp Finishers


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