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The Bootcamp Underground 2.0=Final Notice

  I promised you that Brian and I would be offering you F.ree Bonuses for the brand new”Done-For-You” training system
This will explode your Fitness Bootcamp Business or personal training business and that’s an understatement.
(Accepting 300 trainers only)
Okay here are our Bonuses:
* Bonus 1:  6 Figure Studio Blueprint
Let me show you step-by-step, how I went from making
$40.00 per hour, to a 30K per month, 5 trainer studio in 2 years,
with absolutely ZERO debt!
* Bonus 2:  “Smart Bomb Nutrition Generator”
Simply log into my secure website, answer a few simple
questions and download calorie and ratio specific 30 day
meal plans, that you can sell to your clients!
* Bonus 3: “Instant Cardio Generator”
Simply log into my secure website and plug in a few vital
statistics from your clients health history and my system
will generate a 12 week cardio program, complete with video
and audio tutorials!
* Bonus 4: ALL Brian’s previous DVD’s
No that is not a misprint. It is the honest truth. You will have
access to ALL Brian’s 2008, 2009 and 2010 DVD’s. (32 DVD’s)
I want you to understand that I am referring to
more than 50 hours of pure “Mind Blowing” exercise content!
* Bonus 5: A complete “10K Marketing Swipe File”
with rights to use.
This collection of personal trainer marketing systems
is the same arsenal of tactics I used to explode my own training
business two years ago to the tune of 17 new clients in 5 days
One more thing,you can get it for HALF-OFF!Until midnight on Tuesday
This is where you can grab your package for half-off plus ALL the Bonuses
Here is the link… http://tinyurl.com/29kbfwk  
This special half off “super sale” ends at midnight on Tuesday- tomorrow
If you would like to get this revolutionary training system so many
trainers are raving about …and save 50% then go here now:


See you on the Inner Circle forum !  
   Georgette Pann BS,PTA,ACE,CPT,CSN

Creator of the Sure Victory Fitness Bootcamp Kit..
Voted The NO. 1 selling Bootcamp Kit

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