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The Bootcamp Workout of the Day

Rapid Fat Loss Resistance Training

I. Pre-Workout: Movement Prep- 5 Minutes

Dynamic Warm-up: 50-10 Five Exercise Warm-up Circuit

Exercise# Exercise Variation
1 Stationary High Knee Run
2 Jumping Jacks Variation
3 Stationary Lunge, Overhead Reach, and Twist- Left Leg Forward
4 Stationary Lunge, Overhead Reach, and Twist- Right Leg Forward
5 T-Pillar Stabilizations

II. Workout: Resistance Training- 20 Minutes

50-10 Interval Five Exercise Total Body Circuit
1 Double-Leg: Bilateral Knee-Dominant- 1.5 Squat Variation
2 Push: Vertical Push- DB Arnold Press
3 Single-Leg: Unilateral Hip-Dominant – Single-Leg Good Morning Variation
4 Pull: Vertical Pull- DB Hammer Curl
5 Core: Lateral/Rotational Stabilization or Hip-Dominant- Leg Raise Variation

III. Post-Workout: Corrective Stretching and Self Massage- 5 Minutes

Option A- Corrective Foam Rolling: Perform at least 5-10 rolls OR 30-60 s of rolling on each muscle group

Lower Body: Front/Inner/Outer Thighs, Outer Hips/Glutes (optional- Calves/Lower Legs, Tennis Ball Quad/Hip Flexor)
Upper Body: Upper Back/Thoracic Spine, Lats (optional- Tricep, Tennis Ball Chest)

Option B- Corrective Stretching: The Ultimate Stretch at 5 reps/leg

Option C- Corrective Stretching: Hold each high priority stretch for at least 30-60 s

Quad-Hip Flexor + Overhead Band Chest Stretch Combo @ 60 s/leg
Glute/Piriformis Stretch @ 60 s/leg
Calf-Hamstring Stretch @ 60 s/leg
Upper Trap/Internal Rotator Stretch @ 60 s/arm


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