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The Corporate Fit Challenge

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   Corporate Challenge Creator Trina Gray is helping trainers around the world implement her corporate boot camp system. For an investment of a few hundred dollars, trainers are making thousands. With the help of a coaching call, trainers are getting it off the ground in less than 30 days. The list is long and growing. Get on board. If you’ve missed out on her last two calls, download this clip. The clip I’m sharing with you is under 30 minutes and very worthwhile. It’s not a sales pitch. It’s an educational presentation on why corporate boot camps make sense for fitness professionals. 





“The Corporate Fit Challenge” Program for Trainers
The Corporate Fit Challenge is a brand new six-week fitness and nutrition overhaul for the workplace that is changing the way trainers across the country do business. Now available from IDEA Program Director of the Year Finalist Trina Gray at http://budurl.com/CorpFitChallenge Kick businesses into shape and strengthen your bottom line TODAY! If you are a trainer and are looking to crack into corporate fitness, industry stand-out Trina Gray will provide you the step-by-step blue-print on how to accelerate your results.

Purchase the kit TODAY and tailor the program to suit your training style, and your community
Here are our 3 exclusive bonuses!

1.Use coupon code PANN for $25.00 off. This is a limited time offer!

2. Everyone who purchases will get a LIFETIME paid membership upgrade to The Fitness Bootcamp Inner CIrcle


3.There will be an exclusive Corporate Challenge Forum inside the Inner Circle that Trina will be moderating. This forum will only be visible to those you have the program!

So you will need to email me your reciept and FBIC user name so I can manually upgrade you for access to the Corporat Forum

ACT NOW by visiting http://budurl.com/CorpFitChallenge  Please use coupon code PANN

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2 comments on “The Corporate Fit Challenge

I am very interested in this and I am trying to find out what exactly is included in the product? Are the 20 sample meal plans and sample presentation included?

Thank you!!


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