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The EASIEST Client Referral Method

The EASIEST Client Referral Method

Mike Whitfield, CTT
Bootcamp Finishers


I remember when Craig Ballantyne and I worked together on the bootcamp workouts for the TT Summit earlier this year. He asked if I could provide the “grand finale” after the workout to over 50 trainers and bootcamp coaches.


The workout was already tough, but I knew adding a bootcamp finisher would be icing on the cake…


… icing on the metabolic cake. Ha. Hilarious.


Anyway, that’s when I somehow convinced over 50 bootcamp coaches to participate in the madness in what I call:


“The 3’s Company Finisher”


I bolded the title for no other reason then wanting to create a dramatic effect… and it worked.


Now, let’s move onto the actual finisher. Do this bootcamp finisher at the END of your next bootcamp workout:


Do the following circuit as many times as possible in 3 minutes, resting ONLY when needed. Once the 3 minutes is up, stop immediately:


Burpee/Spiderman Pushup Combo

Lunge Jumps (3/side)

X-Body Mountain Climber


See it on video (Craig suggested we sing the TV theme to “Three’s Company”, and I’m glad we didn’t).



When I revealed that we would only be completing 3 reps of each exercise, I got some strange looks. It’s one of those deceiving finishers that look easy on paper, but is brutal when performed.


Once everyone was done with the finisher, they threw tomatoes and foreign objects at me. It was like being at home.


Seriously, the bootcamp coaches raved about the finisher and were really excited about using this one in their bootcamps.


I have no doubt that using bootcamp finishers is what got me ongoing referrals. For one thing, I never marketed my bootcamp, yet I had over 20 people participate in my 6 am bootcamp workouts during the summer… and many of these campers were teachers.


Using workout finishers with one-on-one clients is one thing, but to transfer that to minimum equipment finishers that everyone in your camp can enjoy is another.


But using just one of the approaches like the density method above, I soon discovered a way to use crazy sets and reps with my bootcampers so that they LOVED coming day after day.


I also started to incorporate more methods into my bootcamp finishers like the Gauntlet Method, Finisher Games, Partner Drills and more.


In fact, the more I used bootcamp finishers, the more ongoing referrals I continued to get. That’s a good thing because my bootcamp marketing was pretty much, “Hey, I’m like… awesome. Come work out with me” in an email broadcast.


Fortunately, the “rave” about my bootcamp finishers was spreading and my current campers kept bringing their friends and neighbors. Instantly, I realized that I had the easiest client referral method.


I didn’t have to rely on fancy direct marketing post cards or fancy signs, and you don’t have to either.


Bring something unique to your bootcamps. Be different. Campers don’t come to your bootcamp just because they want a workout. They can do that anywhere. What’s your big hook?


Mine was using a crazy, but effective finisher after every single one of my bootamp sessions. As soon as they would start the workout, I can see the curiosity in their eyes…


… “What will Mike make me do today after the workout… what’s today’s finisher?”.


They always loved the grand finale.


So, use the “3’s Company” bootcamp finisher with your next bootcamp and have fun with it. Sure, it’s the most brutal 3 minutes of their day, but more importantly, they will get addicted to working out at your bootcamp. People love that mental and physical challenge.


Oh cool…looky there. There’s over 31 more bootcamp finishers you can use with your bootcamps right here:


=> Over 31 Done-for-You Bootcamp Finishers

Plus some cool Bonuses


To your success,


Mike Whitfield, CTT

Author, Bootcamp Finishers

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