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The Easiest Way To Get A Ton Of New Clients

The Easiest Way To Get A Ton Of New Clients



As a huge fan of contests and challenges, I have managed to get a great guest post from my friend and challenge expert Adam Mckenzie



After running challenges for the last 10+ years and helping over 1000 trainers implement my systems around the world…I have noticed a lot of things when it comes to the success of a challenge.


If you have run challenges for a while you will know they are the best way to instantly increase your leads, new clients and cash flow and you will make money through the entire process…which makes this something any business owner has access to no matter what their marketing budget is.


Some of what I am about to share with you will probably challenge a lot of your current beliefs, but the numbers and stats just don’t lie!


To start things off let’s deal with what is the biggest change when it comes to contests and challenges in the last 2-3 years…


Anything longer than a 6-week challenge is almost a waste of time; I would even go so far as to say 4 weeks…why?


Well the biggest factor is people’s patience and need for instant gratification or results has never been bigger.


We can access everything from a device in the palm of our hands and there are so many options out there now that whatever you are offering needs to be a no brainer finically and the time commitment needs to seem easy to even wrap their heads around.


Now I am not saying there aren’t ways to still run a successful format for a longer challenge, I even run you through how to, inside version 1.0 of Fitness Contests & Challenges.


What I am saying is challenges are the number 1, yes number 1 way to get new clients and leads into your business, but you have to meet people where they are right now.


Which is a low barrier of entry offer, shorter time frames and they need to be able to easily consume and complete the program you are offering.


High price points, complicated food plans and homework routines just don’t work as well as they used to…even at the cost of getting them better results, they simply just don’t care!


The more I noticed this especially with the massive rise of online marketing for local businesses, the more I realized I needed to help more trainers capitalize on what is still the best client attraction method around…


…So I went to work and created an entire new version of Fitness Contests & challenges to give fitpro’s 5 brand-new formats to run, none of them over 30 days.


I explain what I included and why I created FCC 2.0 here.



Along with making things more attractive to how potential clients look at offers now, I saw a massive gap in how a lot of trainers were actually marketing their challenges.


You can have the best program and food plan in the world, but without a responsive email list and the knowledge to market to people online, you will be left behind.


I am not talking about learning the theory behind FB ads or anything else, I am talking about having the knowledge to set up an online sales funnel designed to capture a lead’s attention and automatically lead them through the payment and registration process, saving you time and making you money from the very start!!


…So again I went to the drawing board and I created a brand new online marketing module inside FCC 2.0 to show anyone no matter how tech savvy they are a step by step process to set up a sales page and automate the entire sales funnel… so you get to sit back and collect the payments and registrations on auto-pilot.


I even show you how to set up your FB ads to direct cheap, targeted traffic to your sales page delivering you a sea of new leads.


In closing I want you to realize something that a lot of business owners often struggle to look at…just because it worked in the past does not mean it will work again.


In saying that, you need the data; you need to be tracking everything from…

  • How many new people are signing up
  • How many are bringing a friend
  • How many of your current clients are referring people to the challenge
  • How much you spent on ads or marketing
  • How much profit you made upfront
  • How much you added to you direct debits after the challenge
  • Etc…


I love contests and challenges… in the last year alone I have helped my coaching clients achieve an added income between $40-$130k each just from challenges, open brand new facilities with over 170 people paid and registered to be a part of there business from day 1 and more…


What else has the power to do that whenever you decide to put it into action??


———-FCC-2.0-package (1)

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