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The Equipment-Free “Fix” For Conventional Cardio Workouts

The Equipment-Free “Fix” For Conventional Cardio Workouts
Guest post  by Adam Steer- Bodyweight Coach


Traditional cardio is broken.


There’s no need to mince words here…


If you’re looking for quick fat loss and body transformation — both for yourself and your clients — then 60-90 minute treadmill sessions aren’t the way to go.


Sure, “long slow cardio” is a tried and true fat burning staple. But spinning your wheels on treadmills, stationary bikes and elliptical machines isn’t just boring, it’s a motivation killer. And if your clients lose motivation, you soon lose business. Simple as that.


Now if you’re already running bootcamps or want to break free of traditional workouts then you may already know that conventional cardio workouts also eat up way too much time during your sessions.


Precious time you could use to more efficiently change your clients bodies and lives… resulting in more eager testimonials from super happy clients.


However, as I mentioned… conventional cardio is a tried and true staple for using bodyfat as a preferred source of fuel. And the fact of the matter remains that some clients simply need an “easier” modality to help them get going on the road to losing weight and keeping it off for the long haul.


With that in mind, I want to tell you about my preferred method of substitute — it’s called Cardioflow — my fix for conventional cardio — and it’s an essential ingredient in any sustainable rapid fat loss plan.


And in this post I’m going to give you 3 reasons to use it in place of traditional cardio in your training and your business. (You can use this info to educate your clients as well as to why you’re having them do it instead of the stuff they see on “Reality TV”)


Here you go…


  1. Cardioflow Burns Fat For Fuel.


Cardioflow puts you squarely in the “fat burning zone”.


That’s because you perform Cardioflow at precisely the level of intensity required by your body to use fat as its preferred source of fuel.


You may know putting your client’s body through the paces of a high intensity interval session liberates fatty acids. It forces them out of hiding in their trouble spots… and into the bloodstream… where they’re prime for elimination.


However, you may not be finishing off these fatty acids if you’re avoiding “cardio” altogether. And you run the risk of re-storing those fatty acids back into new hiding places (re-esterification)


Adding in a bit of Cardioflow to the mix can help prevent this from happening… while avoiding boring your clients to tears with steady steady state jogging.


  1. Cardioflow Doesn’t Make You Fatter.


Long, slow boring cardio increases cortisol. And that actually increases flab.


With Cardioflow, you don’t get the excessive and chronic release cortisol.  


You can see the irony, right? If your clients are doing conventional cardio to lose weight they could actually be sabotaging your efforts. Here’s why…


Cortisol is called the “stress” hormone because the levels in your body increase when you’re stressed, and they fall back down to baseline when you get back to a normal state.


Cortisol also ebbs and flows naturally throughout the day. It starts to increase during the night, it helps to wake you in the morning, and it usually hits a peak sometime before noon, dropping throughout the rest of the day. At that point melatonin takes over and you fall asleep.


Cortisol is a good thing when all systems are running well. It gives you the energy to function and train during the day. The problem is the chronic stresses of modern life. If you’re always in a state of low grade stress, your cortisol levels will remain abnormally elevated all the time.


Chronically elevated cortisol leads, through various mechanisms, to extra fat on your belly. Even worse, it can cause more fat to be stored as “visceral” fat around your organs. And that can put you at risk for an entire range of diseases.


You obviously don’t want any of that — neither do your clients.


And those reasons alone are enough to make you crave a better alternative to “long slow cardio.”


Yet Cortisol isn’t the only problem with running, biking or stair climbing though…


  1. Cardioflow Doesn’t Beat Your Body Down.


Long slow cardio routines also increase your chances of repetitive stress injury.




Doing the exact same movement over and over again puts you at risk for something called “repetitive stress” or “overuse” injuries.


And if you’re injured, you can’t exercise. If you can’t move, you get fatter.  


These injuries happen as a result of chronic stress, when you overuse a body part. They can affect your muscles, tendons or bones. And they’re completely avoidable.


Think of all the runners you know whose knees just “wear out”. That’s a perfect example of a repetitive stress injury. But what the heck did they expect to happen after pounding the pavement every day for a decade?


So what exactly is Cardioflow?


It’s a sequence of skill-based bodyweight exercises that fit together in a fun movement chain.


Clients tell me that doing Cardioflow feels like a choreographed dance or martial arts kata. You don’t just get the fat burning benefits — you actually have FUN with it too.


Skill-based cardio workouts actually tap directly into the power of your nervous system for faster and better results. Here’s why…


Conventional slow cardio training is two dimensional and flat. It doesn’t require your nervous system to do a heck of a lot of work. But three dimensional skill-based cardio training is complex. It requires your central nervous system (CNS) to work double



And the more efficiently your CNS is working, the more muscle you’ll be

able to recruit with every repetition of an exercise. And that means better muscle toning, faster fat burning, and a better, sexier and more attractive body shape.


Because skill-based cardio training takes your body through the entire spectrum of human movement potential, you also avoid that risk of overuse injuries which plagues “long slow cardio” enthusiasts.


Using exercises which move your body through every range that it’s capable of reaching ensures that your body remains balanced. You won’t waste time dealing with overuse injuries created by doing the same repetitive movements in the same planes day after day. Instead, your workouts will open up entirely new realms of movement possibility. You’ll also develop greater poise and physical presence and that completely changes the way people look at you every time you walk into a room.


You already know that when you work out at a lower intensity with Cardioflow, your body preferentially burns fat for fuel. High intensity intervals may burn more fat in the long run, but you can only do so many sessions per week before you burn your body out too. And that’s where lower intensity cardio steps in and fills the gap. It lets you to keep burning fat while still allowing for 100% recovery.


Remember, Cardioflow is the secret-weapon that allows you to keep burning calories between more intense workouts while still recovering 100%.


And that means you can not only use it during sessions with clients… but also give to them as “homework” on the days you don’t see them … to add value… increase their results… without worrying about burning them out.


Want An Example Of Cardioflow?


I’ll give you something basic to start playing with:


Jump Squat – Push Up – Breaker – Mountain Climber – Squat – Jump Squat – Repeat


  • Perform one rep of each exercise before moving right into the next one.
  • You’re going to perform this routine slowly over the course of 5 minutes.
  • And pay very close attention to your breath — in some ways you can think of this as a moving meditation.
  • The more comfortable you get, you can either add more time to the routine… or keep the time the same and add more exercises.


This is a great way to end a session… and “cool down” your clients after a more intense bootcamp workout.


Most of those exercises should be familiar. But if you’re scratching your head a bit as to what the “Breaker” is, have a look at the pics below:

unnamed (22)





Of course, a fat burning replacement for “long slow cardio” is only one part of a complete, well-rounded approach. I have two other workout modalities I use along with CardioFlow to help my clients get rapid body transformation with 21-minute equipment free workouts. If you want to check those out (plus see some clips of Cardioflow in action) head over to my page here:

===> The Bodyweight Burn 21-Minute Rapid Fat Loss Solution…













Adam Steer — a.k.a “The Bodyweight Coach” — is the creator of Bodyweight Burn — a simple 21-minute weight loss system that allows you to burn a little bit of fat each day (while still enjoying your favorite carb foods). Since 2009, he’s been able to improve over 84,330 lives by using the exact same science-based workout methods that form the basis for Bodyweight Burn.

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