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The Evolution of Bootcamp Games

The Evolution of Bootcamp Games

by Brian Kalakay

Hey everyone! My name is Brian Kalakay and I play Games in my boot camp classes. You heard me…I PLAY GAMES IN BOOT CAMP. I know it is a weird combination (kind of like a blind guy and sharp shooting) but trust me it works! You are probably asking yourself, who is this guy and why is he playing games instead of working his clients out? Well, here are the answers…

I started my fitness boot camp career by running small group classes out of a big box gym. I rented a 12 foot by 12 foot floor and filled it with about 8 people. The reason for 8 people was simple; that’s all I could fit on there! I was hitting a point where I had to grow my business but obviously the environment was prohibiting that growth. I had to think of something to get more people in so that I could find a location of my own. With competition around every corner, I had to find something to make me look different from the guy down the street. That is when I figured it out…

I was going to take the old games I used to play with my karate classes (I taught karate for 8 years)and put a fitness twist on them. It was a crazy shot in the dark for me but, at this point I had nothing to lose.

The first time I used the games, I decided to use them at the end of class, just like we did in karate. I held my breath, and prayed that everyone didn’t look at me like I was a fool. I couldn’t believe my eyes! Everyone was jumping around and giggling like little kids; full grown 30-40 year old adults playing with each other like they were on a playground.

The following week, all I heard about was how much fun that game was and how we should play more. That is all it took. From that day forward, I decided to use games at the end of class every day.

Fast forward a year from that time: Now, I currently own a 7800 square foot boot camp/small group training facility in Lapeer Michigan. We just opened about 6 months ago and we are already over 150 members. I can confidently say that the games I play at the end of my boot camps were a huge part of that success.

So what exactly are boot camp games?

Boot Camp Games are a highbred of fitness drills and exercises mixed with “recess style” games and races. Think back to when you were young and you used to play games like “Duck, Duck, Goose” , Dodge Ball, Freeze Tag, and Relay Races. Combine that with some sort of fitness element like, pushups, sprints, squat hops, planks, etc. Then, you have a boot camp game. It’s that easy.

If you are still lost here is a great example:



Format: Teams of two people


Equipment Needed: None


Setup: Have both partners sit on the ground back to back, with their legs out straight in front of them.


Objective: The first person to complete the squat hops will win.


How to Play: When the instructor says, “draw” the partners will have to stand up and face each other.


Once they have stood up and turned around to face their partner, they will perform 20 squat hops or total body extensions.


The first person to perform the 20 squat hops will win.


Feel free to switch partners up after the first game or play numerous games to see who can get the most points (matches won).


*This is a killer game at the end of a “leg night”.


From generating new referrals, to retaining current clients, this concept is a MUST for any successful group training program. If you aren’t doing games yet, it is definitely time to start. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Plus, if you don’t do it, the competitor down the road probably will.

If you are looking for more games to use in boot camp, check this link out: CLICK HERE.

Feel free to comment and post your success stories below 


Brian Kalakay

Creator of TT Boot Camp Games


http://georgettepann.com/newbcgames  NEW Games





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