The Fat Blasting Boot Camp Program

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The Fat Blasting Boot Camp Program was designed by Angie Schumacher, a Certified Personal Trainer and Inner Circle member,for her boot camp class in Colorado. She wanted to ensure that her members received a total body workout in just 30 minutes-3 times a week.

With the Fat Blasting Boot Camp Program, you will start out with 2 weeks of “Get Started” workouts that will get your body ready for the upcoming 12 weeks of workouts. Each workout is linked to a video demonstration that will show you how to correctly do each exercise.

The Fat Blasting Boot Camp Program consists of 3 circuitsā€”Strength, Cardio and Core. You begin with the strength training, which includes 4 exercises that will hit every muscle in your body.
It is a solid program…check it out at

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