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The Fire Workout

The Fire Workout:

Set up 4 stations (I use cones) – between the top 2 stations, place 2 mats next to one another, long ways. The 4 stations, collectively, will make a square. In the center of the square, place the heaviest med ball you can find (or a 20 pound kettlebell)

Station 1: A low chair (i.e. for military press) and a 10 pound medicine ball

Station 2: Just a marker (no equipment needed)

Station 3: Just a marker (no equipment needed)

Station 4: A 12 pound medicine ball

Now that you’ve got everything set up… here we go:

Step 1) Perform “Side Step on Forearms” side to side for 10 reps on the two length-wise mats that are next to one another. This means that you will assume a plank position, gently lift your left arm and left leg as you move to the left and place them back down. Repeat until you reach the other side. This = 1 repetition. Repeat for 10.

Step 2) Go to Station 1 – Now, with the medicine ball pressed up in the air (i.e. above your head, slightly in front of you), slowly squat down and back until you can feel the chair at your bottom. Stand quickly. Repeat for 10 reps.

Step 3) Sumo walk (squat until you have right angles at your knees and walk forward in this position) until you reach Station 2

Step 4) Do 10 Mountain Climbers (hands on the floor, right knee up towards your chest, left knee back, switch back and forth to equal 1 rep)

Step 5) Sumo walk to Station 3

Step 6) Perform 10 Burpees (squat to hands on floor, donkey kick back, do a push up, bring knees to chest, and jump, landing with your knees bent for safety) – This equals 1 rep

Step 7) Sumo walk to Station 4

Step 10 repetitions of Side Step Squat with a Med Ball Press – start feet together, take a generous step to your left, squat down, as you stand step towards your left foot and press the medicine ball from chest height to overhead. Repeat in the opposite direction. This equals 2 repetitions. Repeat for 10.

Step 9) Go to the center of the square – Squat with a med ball pick up – Stand with a med ball/kettlebell between your legs, squat down and back until you can pick up the med ball with a straight torso, stand, squat down and back to set the med ball down, stand. This equals 1 rep. Repeat for 10 reps.

Rest 2-5 minutes. Repeat circuit for 40 minutes.

Look out – Be sure you’ve warmed up, and be sure you have experience exercising. This is tough stuff!
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