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The Iron Burpee + Total Wipe Out – Bootcamp Workouts

The Iron Burpee + Total Wipe Out
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The Iron Burpee

TIME: 12 minutes
AIM: Complete the drill without stopping to rest
METHOD: Complete step 1 and 2, ensuring all exercises are performed as quickly as possible. (individual challenge) Round 1: Step 1: Complete 60 seconds of each exercise. ·       Push ups·       Speed squats (normal squats done as fast as possible)·       Forward Lunge (alternate legs) Step 2: Complete a 200/400 sprint depending on ability  

Round 2: Same as round 1, only each exercise is completed for 40 seconds. The sprint stays the same.


Round 3: Same round 1, only each exercise is completed for 20 seconds. The sprint stays the same.


Round 4: Complete a set number of burpees


Beginner: 17


Intermediate: 30


Advanced: 40


Important: There is no rest period what so ever in this finisher drill. The whole drill must be completed without stopping. Players must assume the plank position until the last player is back from the sprint, then crack straight on.


Note: Round 1-3 are designed to make round 4 as difficult as possible, hence the term, the Iron Burpee.


TIPS/VARIATIONS: a)     Give the advanced players something to carry when they head off for the sprint. Such as a sand bag, kettle bell, power bag, dumbbell etc. 
NOTES: 1.     I won’t lie to you, this is a very tough drill. I recommend a mini team talk to get the class pumped up and ready for action.2.     This drill is an amazing way to boost endurance and strengthen the muscles.


 Total Wipe Out


TIME: 6 minutes
AIM: To survive
METHOD:           TIPS/VARIATIONS: In this individual finisher drill, players must complete the following exercises whilst counting every repetition that they perform. Round 1: Complete each exercise for 30 seconds without stopping ·       Burpees·       Sit ups·       Push ups Each player should now be left with a total number of repetitions that they have completed throughout the 3 exercise.  Round 2: Is played the exact same as round 1, only this time, players must swap totals with one another and try to beat it. 

As a general rule, fitter players should swap totals with each other and the same goes for all beginners.


Round 3:  Players swap totals one last time for the final game.



ü  Change the exercises to suit your need

ü  Add in a long spring after each round

ü  Increase the time of each exercise

ü  Use 4-6 exercises instead of 3.












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