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The Metabolic Finisher Advantage

I got a great gueat post from Mickey:) He’s celebrating(maybe a little too much) TT trainer of the year but he is definatetly unique:) check it out below

The Metabolic Finisher Advantage

Mike Whitfield, CTT

2012 TT Trainer of the Year


“Hi everybody. Let’s eat some kale and do pushups and situps all day today.”, said Beatrice, the old school bootcamp instructor.


Beatrice? Seriously? …. Yes, now stay focused and read the rest…


Meanwhile, all the campers have a boring look on their face and they can’t wait to leave. The real bummer is that it’s only been 5 minutes.


Two campers have been doing the workouts from Beatrice for 6 months and have lost 2 lbs. Wow, that’s pretty awesome. That’s around “What’s the Point in Counting?” lbs per week.


“OK everyone, let’s finish off with some laps. Round and round we go… yayz!” says the old school bootcamp instructor yet again.


It’s no wonder that the “Beatrices” of the bootcamp world are losing customers and not getting more campers into their bootcamp business.


So What Separates You from the Competition?


There is a bootcamp opening up at just about every corner, and we are at a point where we must be unique in order to succeed. For me, when I ran bootcamps, my unique “hooks” were to be energized and encouraging. I also had a staple and a reputation for the way I finished off the bootcamp workouts.


The Metabolic Workout Finisher


This was the grand finale after an amazing metabolic resistance training workout.


What’s a Metabolic Resistance Training workout?


For crying out loud, I’ll get to that. Stay focused already.


The grand finale, AKA the workout finisher, was something I changed up at every workout. A metabolic finisher is when you use big, compound and heart-pounding movements with very short rest periods.


It’s like resistance training and intervals mixed into one big smoothie… a metabolic smoothie. Mmmmm, metabolic smoothies.


They are short, “mini-workouts” that last typically around 6 minutes (some are less and some are a little more). This is when you basically take all the gas in the tank and pour it all out, leaving it all on the gym floor.


After years of experience using them, the mental benefits OUTWEIGH the weight loss benefits that it brings. Once I started to use them with my clients, including my one-on-one clients, they were much more consistent with their workouts.


This led to faster fat loss and smacking weight loss plateaus in the face.


It was as if they became addicted to working out. That’s a win/win situation for both you and the client. You know what consistency equals; it equals results.


Please note my amazing ability to use the semi-colon. I’m getting better… then again, I ruined it with this sentence. Let’s move on.


The finisher can include a variety of set and rep schemes with just enough recovery along the way. The rest periods come in as full rest periods (30 seconds for example) and sometimes I will plug in an easier exercise like the plank or bird dog in the middle of a finisher so the campers can complete the entire finisher with 100% effort. This is also known as “active recovery”.


It’s like icing on the cake… the Metabolic Cake. Mmmm, metabolic cakes.


You can challenge your campers and get amazing results with the combination of metabolic resistance training and metabolic finishers. Here’s the blueprint on structuring your workouts:


Warm-up (5 minutes) – No more jogging lap after lap. Don’t be a Beatrice. This is when you incorporate easier bodyweight exercises like basic Pushups, Planks, Jumping Jacks, etc., etc.


Metabolic Resistance Training (20-30 minutes) – You don’t need any fancy equipment for MRT training. Incorporate the harder bodyweight moves like the Spiderman Pushup, the Bulgarian Split Squat and the Spiderman Climb.


Metabolic Finisher (5 minutes) – This is when you tell your campers to not hold anything back. In other words… let’er rip…


The “Density Burp and Jack” Finisher from the Bodyweight Chaos Finishers Manual


Have your campers do the following superset as many times as possible in 3 minutes. They can rest whenever they need to:


1A) Burpees (10)

1B) Jumping Jacks (40)


Sniff, sniff… you smell that? That’s your campers’ fat.


That’s disgusting… yet awesome, and you know it.


Separate yourself from the Beatrices of the Bootcamp World. Don’t be another Beatrice. By the way, if your name happens to be Beatrice and you are a bootcamp instructor, that is the most amazing coincidence EVER and I apologize.


Finish Strong,

Mike Whitfield, CTT


TT Trainer of the Year Celebration

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