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The Minimalist Workout

The Minimalist Workout


Day 1

1) Squat (3 x 6)

2a) Chin-ups (3 x AMAP )

2b) Push-Ups (3 x AMAP )

2c) DB Lunges (3 x 10/side)

3) KB Swings x 100 


Day 2

1) Deadlift (3 x 6)

2a) Standing KB Military Press (3 x 8 )

2b) KB Row/Bodyweight Row/Renegade Row (3 x 10/side)

2c) Pistols (3 x AMAP )

3) Burpee Tabata Protocol (20s ON, 10s OFF x 8 )

-Chris Lopez, CTT, CSCS

Author, TT Kettlebell Revolution 


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