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The Most Profitable Studio in the World-True Story


OK,I have decided to post today’s newsletter story here for important reasons.pluse the exclusive Video/Blog post Diversify Your Fitness Portfolio For Greater Profits up at http://thefitnessbootcampclub.com/?p=3104



I also have a TRUE story from one of our own FBIC members who wants to Give Back…
please take the time to read:)



Sometimes when a person is so passionate about something they stop caring about the money.


Let me explain.


About 3 years Stephen Cabral debuted Smart Studio Systems which literally lays out for you all of the offline marketing, online marketing, business systems, and money saving resources he uses to build “The Most Profitable Studio in the World.”


His S3 members get EVERYTHING he uses on a daily basis in his business.


Obviously, his Smart Studio Systems License became quite the success and went on to become the top selling fitness studio license with over 300 S3 Members.


So, what did Stephen do?

He shut it down.

He literally closed the doors, so that only those who got in in time were able to use the material.


It also meant he left hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table by not opening it up again (it’s been SOLD OUT for OVER 12 months).


Why would he do this?


He told me he’s simply not interested in the money and he wants to focus the majority of his time on working with clients and on growing his offline health & fitness business. (He loves working with clients…)


There are many who would call him insane for not opening up his Area-Exclusive S3 Licenses more often… (I’ll let you decide)

But then again, he really doesn’t need the money…


Anyway, there’s a reason why I’m sharing this story with you.

The BIG Reason

It’s been a year since Stephen Cabral last opened up the doors to new Smart Studio Systems Members, and he was NOT going to open again for all of 2013, BUT something happened a few weeks ago that made him change his mind.


2 (maybe more) terrorists decided to kill innocent people in his city.

Stephen’s a Bostonian, and his home and studio are about a 1/2 mile from where 2 bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.

It set off one of the largest man hunts in US History and in less than a week the 2 terrorists were either caught or killed.

However, the city and its victims are still recovering.

So, what Stephen wanted to do was find a way to raise money for OneFundBoston, which is a charity set up to help the over 176 victims that lost limbs or were affected by this tragedy.


It’s a Win Win

To make a long story short(er), Stephen is hoping to raise over $10,000 to donate to the OneFundBoston by opening up his Smart Studio Systems Area-Exclusive Licenses for 1 week only.

After the week is up, the doors will be closed for another year.

(Stephen will then be putting all of his focus on opening up a 2nd location!)

Believe me when I tell you that this is NOT another $47 eBook…

It’s NOT another membership site…

And, it’s NOT some over-hyped marketing product…

It’s the real deal, and it literally gives you exclusive access to all of the proven marketing, business systems, and money saving resources from “The Most Profitable Studio in the World.”

Plus, if you’re 1 of the 1st 25 to sign up you get his $2,000 VIP 11 DVD set walking you through his million dollar fitness business model!

The Catch

The catch is that he only allows ONE S3 Member per location (zip code and radius).

That means it’s either you, or your competition, that is going to be using these 7-figure business builders…

The great news, however, is that he’s made the price exceptionally reasonable for what you’re getting.

Basically, if you get just ONE client over the next 12 months it pays for the entire Smart Studio Systems License!

And, if you can’t get ONE client from the over 167 Exclusive S3 marketing and business systems’ posts in the Smart Studio Systems Member Area, then you should probably switch careers…

Seriously, who can’t learn at least ONE thing and get ONE new client from the guy that does over 1,100 sessions a month (every month) and brings in 7-figures a year on less than 500 ft of fitness floor?

Watch Your Business Take Off

A more likely scenario is that you’ll put the area-exclusive S3 information to good use in your business and watch your income and brand take off over the next 12 months.


If you’re ready to take your business, brand, and bank account to the next level this is the way to get you there:

==> Lockdown Your Area-Exclusive S3 License and Free 2K Bonus!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity because there’s only ONE available per location (Internationally as well), and in less than ONE week the doors will be closed again for another YEAR.

This is one you’ll be kicking yourself on if you don’t get in now…


It’s for a great cause, and of course, you come on top as well:

==> Lockdown Your Area-Exclusive S3 License and Free 2K Bonus!



Talk soon



PS. I take every recommendation I make to you very serious, and without a doubt, I can honestly say this could be a game changer for you. If you invest in Stephen Cabral’s System and use his tested methods this could be your turning point…

==> Lockdown Your Area-Exclusive S3 License and Free 2K Bonus!



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Creator of the Sure Victory Bootcamp Business in a Box
Bootcamp Business System for starting and running a profitable bootcamp



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