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The Myth of Sport Specific Training

The Myth of Sport Specific Training

Josh Henkin


I love it! I love the idea of people training like athletes and more and more people are jumping on board on this idea. However, it also means that there are a lot of people that may be prone to the same mistake A LOT of athletes make.

“Sport-specific” a word a lot of people like to throw around but very few understanding what it means. I have plenty of coaches from all different types of sports asking me if I have a program specific to their sport? I understand why they are asking, most sports programs out there are made only for sports like football. Heck, there are a lot more sports out there than just football!

However, making a specific program for just about any sport really isn’t as necessary as people may think. It starts with the young athletes, the ugly truth is that so many young people (yes, even the athletic ones) are so grossly out of shape and have huge muscle imbalances that even attempting to make a sport specific program impossible!

Unlike many of the Eastern European countries that popularized “sport-specific” training programs in the 70’s and 80’s most modern athletes are not brought up in a very systemized program that takes the progression from young to adult athletes.

So, what should someone do? People are going to the complete opposite side to trying to do all types of activities, many that have absolutely NOTHING to do with their development of any fitness qualities. Yes, this type of training can be just as detrimental as much as the pseudo sport specific programs. Why? So much time and effort can be devoted to trying to develop fitness skills that have no carryover.

What to do? After you identify your goals and what is meaningful to you, start performing drills that will help get you there. For most people building a foundation of good movement of fundamental movement patterns. Yes, having a balance in movement goes a long ways into the all around fitness that so many people want..

See some of these training programs:

Power Lower Body Bilateral
Strength Vertical Pressing
Single Leg Strength
Endurance Vertical Pulling
Rotational Core Training

Day 2:
Single Leg Power Training
Strength Horizontal Pulling
Strength Lower Body Bilateral
Endurance Horizontal Pushing
Anti-Flexion Drills

Day 3:
Strength Lower Body Bilateral
Strength Upper Body Vertical Pulling
Single Leg Stability
Shoulder Stability
Trunk Flexion Drills


Josh HenkinStrength Coach, Josh Henkin, is the creator of the Ultimate Sandbag and L.I.F.T. training certification. He has lectured at national and international conferences.

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