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The One Thing You’re Missing

The One Thing You’re Missing

I was able to convince the owner of “The Most Profitable Studio in the World” to share his BIGGEST TIP on how he is able to consistently do over 1,100 sessions a month on 497 ft of fitness floor! 


This is a can’t miss – Check it out now!


 Take it away Steve Cabral…..


Right now in your fitness business you’re not where you should be.


Sure, you’re making some money, but we both know you could be doing better…


You know you could be charging more, making more, growing your business, and taking more time off, but by the time you get through your “work work” there doesn’t seem to be “time” to do everything else that needs getting done in order to take yourself and business to the next level.


How do I know this?


Because I see it everyday and hear about it from fitness pros all around the world.


Plus, I’ve been there.


And, I continue to reach that place again every time I grow.


With growth comes additional tasks to handle, but without them there can be no growth.


So naturally, every time you grow you’re biting off a little bigger slice of the pie. And I like pie… I just don’t like trying to eat the entire slice in one bite.


Which is most likely how you’ve been trying to grow.


You’re trying to do everything all at once…


Or worse, you’re jumping from pie to pie without ever finishing one.


Not only does this lead to zero growth it results in something worse.


Worse than zero growth?


Yes sir…


What’s worse is the feeling you get every time you think about how you’re still stuck in the same place regardless of what you do or try to implement.


It use to drive me crazy seeing other fitness pros succeed when I was doing half the sessions they were, but working twice as hard.


However, now I understand what they knew that I didn’t back then.


I was missing THE crucial component of growth.


I was missing “STRUCTURE.”


Literally, I was dabbling in online advertising, SEO, some postcard mailings, looking to hire another team member, trying to build a website and much more all at the same time…


As you may have guessed I was mediocre at best in accomplishing any one of those items – And as a result I had a mediocre fitness business.


And it was a ton of STRESS.


Flash forward to today and I run “The Most Profitable Studio in the World” and complete about 1,200 sessions a month on 500 ft of fitness floor.


It took me 6 years to reach 1,000 sessions, which of course not too many people would complain about…


Except for the fact that now I have literally cracked the code and will most likely hit 1,000 sessions a month in just ONE year’s time at my new location.


That’s over 2,000+ sessions a month.


And I have to be honest, the sky’s the limit on your potential once you’ve chosen to live your passion and execute it with diamond cut precision…


Because after all there’s a lot of passionate people that are broke and tripping over themselves everyday.


Now take action:


I have one goal for you today and that’s to take 30-minutes of “you-time” and narrow down your passion within the fitness industry.


Is it:


  • Weight Loss
  • Body Transformation
  • Youth Athletes
  • Professional Athletes
  • Health & Wellness
  • Movement & Mechanics
  • Life Coaching
  • Golf Conditioning
  • Dance
  • Martial Arts
  • … (anything you want!)


Once you know what you love to do and would do for free (if money weren’t an object), then you’re ready for part 2.


Part two is how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.


And in order to do that you need a plan to save you time, money, energy, and aggravation. (We’ll all short on these…)


(I’ve outlined exactly how to do that here in this free coaching video) <-


My recommendation is to simply model a successful business that you’d like to create for yourself.


There’s no easy, faster, or safer way to create the successful business you can be proud of working in everyday.


I’ve already done all the grunt work, and it’s paid off… 


I get to now enjoy the fitness business I always dreamed of owning. Now it’s my time to pay it forward.


If you’d like my help, I can show you how I did it, have shown hundreds of others how to do it,  and how you can do it too…


(It starts with the 3 BIGGEST FACTORS for success here in this free coaching video) <-


I wish you the best of success!



This free coaching video series will be taken down after this week, so don’t delay in copying this proven business model used by “The Most Profitable Studio in the World!”


 > Copy Coach Cabral’s 7-Figure Fitness Business Model


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