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Bootcamps plus the turning point in my career


Bootcamps plus the turning point in my career

Guest Article by Alwyn Cosgrove

 I wanted to share a couple common questions with you
that I have been getting and I think you can benefit from the


Over the weekend, I have received a bunch of emails asking if
the Counting Reps to Counting Revenue course is the right
program for bootcamps. Even if one person asks a question, it
usually means many more are thinking it.


Can you use this program for bootcamps (or you could
replace bootcamps with small studio, large facility, martial arts
studio, etc.)?

For sure. Counting Reps to Counting Revenue is a
business course that covers everything from marketing
to staffing to operations.


It’s a business course. There’s no Harvard School of Semi
Private Training business, or Bootcamp business – just the
Harvard school of business.


At Results Fitness we offer group training and semi-private
training but the information isn’t dependent upon the delivery
system. Only a small part of the program talks about semi-private


We’ve actually had a few martial arts schools go through
the program.


Don’t fall into the trap of “I run a different business so this
doesn’t apply to me”. You are in the business of attracting
prospects, converting them to clients, giving great service a
nd retaining clients. The delivery system (bootcamp etc) is a
secondary concern.


To get the fitness BUSINESS blueprint click the link below:




A question that I receive all the time, especially this weekend
from the attendees from Long Beach is:


What Was The Turning Point In My Career?


The turning point in my career came when I realized that everything I needed to know about the fitness profession, training people and running a business was already out there.

 All I had to do was read it or listen to it. I then started to invest in myself and I’ve never stopped.

 I decided in 1995 that I would take one training session’s worth of income each week and invest it in my own education. At that time I picked up 2 books per week and committed myself to reading them. If there was a seminar or educational event I attended that. At that time there were no Perform Better educational events – really there were only certifications – so in a short time I ended up with I think 17 certifications from various organizations. Every week I disciplined myself to read 2 books or watch a video (there were no DVD’s then!) or listen to an educational audio.

 It all started when I read this quote-

“We don’t rise to the level of our expectations – we fall to the level of our training”
-Archilochus, Greek Soldier

 – and believed in it so much that it changed my direction

 My goal was to learn one new thing per day — so that in a year I’d know 365 more things. That progressed to one hour of study per day – so I’d spend nine full 40-hour work weeks per year by comparison fully immersed in education.

 I also started writing a 100 word summary on every training session I did – results, coaching cues that worked, exercise modifications etc. I averaged around 35 sessions per week at the time – so at the end of one year – I had close to a 200,000 word thesis on training and coaching methodology. Then, different strength coaches and rehab specialists started holding seminars. I attended everyone’s events (and actually started hosting them for additional events).

 Around about the time we opened our gym I had a realization. As a trainer, I could get anyone better results with my programming and my instruction than they could on their own. I recognized that I became a black belt martial artist because of my instructors programming and instruction, better than I could on my own.

 “All wealthy top achievers have coaches” – James Malinchak

 So it hit me – it was time to move beyond self-education and actually hire coaches for my business. All aspects of my business. Coaches who could really fast-track my business progress and get me to the next level faster.
And as a direct result of that decision – Results Fitness is one of the most successful fitness businesses in the country.

 You see coaches help with a lot of things . Most goal setting programs work something like this (from the book: The Secret Code of Success):

  1. Set goals (know what you want)
  2. Take action towards your goals
  3. Evaluate your progress
  4. Adjust the approach based on your evaluation

 The problem with that – is that’s not how it works for most people in the real world — here’s pretty much what happens:

  1. The Fog (you have no clarity – no idea of what you truly want)
  2. Treadmilling (you’re busy – really busy – but you aren’t actually moving forwards)
  3. Feel like a failure (as you didn’t get any closer to your goals)
  4. Try again (hoping that doing the same thing over and over will somehow lead to different results)

 Hiring a coach helps figure out EXACTLY what you want – and provides ACTION steps to get you closer to that.The biggest piece of advice I can give anyone in this field is to continually invest in yourself. Education is the single biggest difference maker in any field. Investing in yourself never fails to reap big rewards.

 Check out RepstoRevenue

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