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The Ultimate Group Training Manual:Bonus Programs & Templates

The Ultimate Group Training Manual: Bonus Programs & Templates

By Sarah Rippel


Included with The Ultimate Group Training Manual are four separate programs, each 12 to 16 weeks in length. All come with pdf/excel templates…AND as an extra bonus you will receive in the exclusive Facebook group a “generic” template spreadsheet for the four programs.


This spreadsheet provides an easy way to plug in your own exercise variations as an addition or alternative to following the four programs as I designed them.


To illustrate this, here are example excerpts from each of the programs:



In this program, I used barbell lifts for the “main lifts” as well as the “tempo lifts.” In the example above, the “generic” training session is shown on the left.


The main lift is the squat, which is shaded blue. Several suggestions for squat options are: back squat, box squat, front squat, box front squat, double-racked kettlebell squat, double-racked kettlebell box squat, and trap bar deadlift.etc


The tempo lift is the overhead press. Options here could be: barbell overhead press, double-kettlebell press, barbell push press, and kettlebell push press.


I chose to pair the overhead press with a ring/suspension trainer row, but other options could be a barbell bent-over row or landmine Meadows row.


For the conditioning piece, a low-level plyometric option other than jump rope could be marching or jogging on the Sanddune Stepper, and an explosive/Olympic option other than the push jerk could be kettlebell swings.



In this program there is a nice blend of barbell, kettlebell, and dumbbell exercises for the strength work. In addition, there is a lot of bodyweight “core static” work, and the conditioning is designed to be self-paced. From the previous example, you can see how exercises could be plugged into the generic template on the left!



This program prioritizes strength work, with simple conditioning pieces that finish off each training day. Some suggested max effort lower body variations are: sumo deadlift, trap bar deadlift, box squat, safety bar squat, and rack/block pulls. You could even plug in a hip thrust as the max effort lift. The assistance work includes squatting, which is why I suggest this. An alternative to the back squat at the @32X1 tempo is a heavy goblet squat, and another option for the back/hip extension is a reverse hyper (either on an actual reverse hyper machine, or done makeshift-style using a stability ball or done off a bench or the glute-ham raise).



This program front-loads the conditioning work and uses barbell lifts for the main lifts. An alternative to the barbell deadlift could be a trap bar deadlift or a barbell RDL.


Hopefully I have helped show how many options you have in terms of exercise selection. Even with limited equipment, you can choose exercises that fit into specific categories & thus create more streamlined, progressive, & well-thought-out programs!


Click here for the above example template download!


In addition to having the ability to create endless programs based on the generic templates, you will find this to be an easier task thanks to an additional exercise index that includes every exercise utilized in the four programs as well as many more.

This index is part of the generic template spreadsheet and is broken down by categories (ie: side plank variation, squat variation, etc).

Our goal is to provide you with even more programming options!

***Remember this is an example of the EXTRA BONUS you get in the private FB group for owners of the Ultimate Group Training System.

You can read below to see ALL that you get,including over a years worth of done-for-you programming!


Introducing The Ultimate Group Training System – your surefire roadmap to programming for semi private/small groups, getting great results for your clients, and increasing your revenue!


Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll find inside this package:

* The Ultimate Group Training Manual

This manual is an in-depth guide for training your small-group clients. We’ll cover all the factors, steps and tips you need to know to start creating your own highly effective workouts for your clients.

* A set of four done-for-you programming templates.

We’ve done all the work so you can take all the credit! You’ll get an overview of these templates, plus a set of PDF and Excel files that you can tweak, print off, and go!

* A set of 14 teaching videos.

If you’re the type of person who likes to see a video to help reinforce the important points covered in the programs, then you’re going to love these 14 teaching videos. You’ll get a short videos covering each aspect of the four done-for-you programs, plus programming tips


Plus, you get three Bonuses including:

  • A year’s worth of done-for-you programming – In addition to the four programs we give you even more. …we’ve done the work, so you can focus on what you do best: training your clients!

  • Access to our private Facebook group so you can get all your questions answered...And access more templates and extras:)

  • An exercise library with videos that gives you a refresher on how to do every exercise mentioned in the manual and programming guides!


Simply put…

This system takes all the guesswork out of creating a successful program, it transforms your clients to give them the bodies they want, and it revs up your fitness business like nothing else!

Check it out for yourself here:

And do it now, while you can still lock in the special introductory pricing that saves you 68%!

Here’s your discount link again:
The Ultimate Group Training System==>















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