The Vanilla Trainer – Tipping the Scales

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The Vanilla Trainer – Tipping the Scales

With thousands of new trainers joining the industry every year,

You got to wonder, what are ‘YOUR’ chances of sticking out?

You see,We’re all loaded with qualifications and certifications, right?!

But the truth is, we spend so much time and money copying others,

that our own originality gets lost along the way.

We become too afraid to do the things that don’t fit in with the status quo.

We become trapped, we blend in, we become very copyable.

You see by nature, were no different than sheep,

We seem happy enough following in the tracks of others but we very

Seldom make our own.

Being Original means being authentic. In other words; just being yourself.

For example:

  • This is the trainer who decides to implement their own style of training.

Not because it’s more effective, but because that’s the way ‘THEY’ love to teach.


  • This is the trainer who keeps in regular contact with members. Not because it

helps retention, but because they see the importance of reaching out and helping

others, at every step of the way.


  • This is the trainer who puts on a cooking/nutrition workshop. Not to show off but to

make sure their clients get the best possible results.


  • This is the trainer who set’s goals. Not for the good of oneself but for the good
    of the group that they train. Let me highlight this…

Did you ever hear the story about the trainer who dedicated 4 years solid in search of the perfect Bootcamp workout?

He did it because he was passionate about delivering the greatest possible experience.

It took him a long time (over 1500 workouts) but eventually he created an original system

that would allow him to put together an unlimited supply of fun, unique and highly creative workouts, with each workout taking no longer than 7 minutes to put together.

Hi, my name is Leon Melnicenko and I’ve spent the last 4 years searching for the perfect Bootcamp workout.

Did I find it in the end? Well let’s just say I found what was perfect for me, also

what I found was much much greater that anything I had ever anticipated.

I found my greater purpose in life, which is to inspire Bootcamp instructors

all across the world with a fun, unique and exciting approach to training.


In 2013 I completed my greatest work, this was my chance to fulfil my dream and give

Something back to the bootcamp community.


Unique Bootcamp Workouts was born, aka The Ultimate Workout Creation Tool

This consists of 10 highly unique manuals ranging from team competition challenges,

creative competition circuits through to fun team games.

The ideas is to mix and match the ideas to create your own original workouts, to which

there are literally millions of different combinations that can be put together.


For a sneak peak inside….


Please click the link below.

Leon Melnicenko

P.S Don’t be scared of challenging the status quo,

You may be surprised at what you find there.



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