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Thinking Outside the Box

 Thinking outside the Box- challenges and transformation contests
(and we have a challenge for you-the trainer:)
Often as fitness trainers we get set in our ways of how we structure not only lesson plans but particular things in our businesses.
When it comes to running transformation contests the possibility of coming up with different structures is endless. What I have done is systemized and broken down specific types of structures that have worked well for us and I have not only shown you how to run these same types of structures but I teach you how to set it all up and what you should be thinking about each and every step of the way.
When ever it comes to setting up or preparing for another challenge I am always thinking about what new ways can I structure it and what angle can I use from a marketing point of view. You see one of the greatest tools you can use when running a successful contest is leverage. Using your current membership base as your sales force and getting them to promote to for you for free is a great way of leveraging your time and the scope of people who will find out about your challenge or contest.
So think about the following questions.
  • What do your members enjoy the most? (programs, types of sessions, training outdoors or indoors, buddy sessions, etc…)
  • What is your most popular type of membership?
  • What types of people or memberships do you want more of?
  • What am I doing now to keep my clients accountable?
  • When would be a great time of year to set up a challenge to keep them on track and getting even greater results?
Once you know the answer to all of these questions, decide on an angle to get them all excited and hooked on what you are putting together for them. 
Buddy challenges are great with spa day’s for two as prizes.
12 month membership give aways, Tv’s, iPads, PT packs, etc….. Come up with things that will excite people to not only open your email but to also get them to start talking to all of the friends for you!! “Bring a buddy and train for free??”
Think outside of the box, things like get in shape for summer or get rid of your winter bulge have been overused for years now and yes they still work but come up with more than that and add in as much value as you possibly can and charge as little as you possibly can afford if you want to grow your business.
Start taking control of your marketing rather than waiting with the cross your fingers strategy!! You can structure what ever you want for a PT sale, a contest, an open week, what ever it might be, but if you are not doing something at least every month, then you really are just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best!!
Yes you might come up with a few dud ideas but who cares, in the process of coming up with a few duds you will also come up with loads of gems that will not only make you lots of money but will give you months of marketing campaigns and programs to run with!!
If you do not have an email list yet, run an email contest. Offer your members a free iPad to whomever gets you the most email addresses in a 2 week period. This is the easiest and the fastest way to grow your list, if your afraid to do this right in there that you want to help more people and provide even more free content, then actually do that!!
Get your members to open your emails. Come up with great subject lines, don’t be afraid to be a bit cheeky or even rude if it will grab someones attention in and amongst another 100 emails per day. Come up with subject lines that will get them to either search for an answer or want to read it just to see what the hell is going on!
My most successful ones have been;
  • Who else wants to kick the easter bunnies ass??
  • $3567 dollars on me!!
  • Is your best friend better than you?
  • I think Adam has lost his S..T!!
  • Wholly crap how am I going to wear my bikini in 2 months?? ( A lot of my clients wanted to see why I was going to be wearing a bikini in the 1st place!!)
I have attached a set of small workout cards that can be edited and used in a variety of ways during bootcamp sessions or to structure boot camp lesson plans.
I would love to challenge you all to think outside of the box and send through some of the lesson plans you put together and for whomever comes up with the best lesson plan I will give a free 30 mins coaching call to pick my brain about anything to do with your business or transformation contests.
Just email it to me at theman@higherlevel.com.au and I will go one step further and get Georgette to share all of them with you once I have them in!!
Be creative, think outside of the box and come up with your own marketing ideas, don’t always rely on what has worked for others try something yourself, who cares if it fails or you get 1-2 new clients at least you did something and have also learnt something in the process!!

Committed to your Success

Adam Mckenzie and Georgette Pann

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