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Three Ways to Add Athleticism to Your Boot Camp Business

Three Ways to Add Athleticism to Your Boot Camp Business
Today’s boot camp business climate is getting to be pretty cluttered. It’s amazing how many boot camps are running in most major cities. If you want to be successful in your boot camp business then you need to find a way to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.
A quick, easy, and effective way to make your camp stand out is to add an element of athletics to your programming. By incorporating athletic activities to your camp your clients will have more fun, see better results, and have something different to talk about when they get to work. All of these things will have a positive effect on your business! Here are three quick and easy ways to up the athletics in your workouts and get your campers buzzing.

1. Add athletic drills to your warm-up. Instead of warming your campers up with a quick jog and then some light stretching you should be using this warm-up time to develop their athleticism as well as get them ready for the workout. Incorporate athletic drills that get them moving around such as skipping, hopping, side-to-side shuffling, light jumping, and crawling. This type of training will do a great job preparing your campers for the upcoming workout. They’ll also be working on their overall athleticism. You’ll see an improvement in their performance during the main workouts and they’ll have some cool stuff to talk about with their friends

. 2. Pre and post-test athletic skills. Does the average fat loss boot camper care about her 40 time? Of course not. However, in addition to your usual measurements try to test some of your campers’ performance qualities. Everyone likes to improve and if you can demonstrate improvement in some athletic quality your campers will be overjoyed. Remember, if all other things are equal, people want to perform at a superior level. So if your campers improve their max push-ups, shuttle time, or jumping distance they’ll see the value of your program, feel more confident in life, and be motivated to keep working hard.

3. Perform more bodyweight and whole-body exercises. Athletes don’t spend a lot of time doing isolation exercises like Triceps Kickbacks or Dumbbell Curls. Instead they focus on exercises that train their whole body using either weight or their own bodyweight. These exercises are far superior when it comes to improving performance and really are usually more successful for promoting fat loss, too.

By incorporating more bodyweight and whole-body exercises into your boot camp your clients will become leaner, healthier, more active, and in general more athletic. This will translate into better results for you and happier clients. That’s the way to build a business!

Adding an athletic element to your boot camp is an easy, quick way to differentiate you from your competition and improve the quality of your training. Anything you can do to make your camp better and set it apart will translate directly into your (and your clients’) success and improve your bottom line.

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Georgette Pann, BS,CSN,CPT,LPTA
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