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Transformation Bootcamp Workout

Transformation Bootcamp Workout

BY Craig Ballantyne


Warm-up Circuit – 2 rounds
1) Arm Crosses (see TT Transformation warm-up for photos)
2) Bodyweight Squat
3) Jumping Jacks
4) Mountain Climbers
5) Prisoner Forward Lunges prisoner forward lunge
6) Pushups
7) Stickups

Strength Superset – 2 rounds
1A) Toughest pushup for 30 seconds
1B) Toughest single leg exercise for 30 seconds per side

Water break

Conditioning Circuit – 2 rounds
1) Reverse lunge
2) Spiderman climb
3) Plank
4) 1-leg hip extension
5) Close-grip pushup

Water break

Ab circuit from
1) Abdominal walk out
2) Garhammer ab curl
3) Pushup plank


Final Circuit
1) Prisoner Squat
2) T-pushup ==>t pushup top Transformation Bootcamp Workout
3) Split squats
4) Squat thrusts
5) Side plank

Water break

Stretching Circuit
1) Hip Flexor Stretch
2) Glute Stretch
3) Chest Stretch
4) Hamstring Stretch
5) Shoulder Stretch

NOTES: First, you’ll notice there were no pulling/rowing exercises.


Well, because we had no equipment. No balls, no bands, no dumbbells, no kettlebells, no nothing.

But we still had an awesome fitness bootcamp workout with all of our TT friends from around the world.

It was pretty darn cool. fitness bootcamp exercises

Also, because I gave away the complete TT package at the Transformation Seminar, and I wanted to give you a Special Offer as well for those of you who couldn’t make it on the weekend.

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